You and your opponents set out on the hunt for valuable treasure in this fantasy map adventure. But there are many dangers lurking for the brave player during the treasure hunt. Monster, trap, companion cards of the opponent and many other played cards can become a major obstacle on the way to victory. Are you still man enough to deal with all your opponents? Decide for yourself: in our test of the fantasy card game Claws and traps by game author C. Aaron Kreader and Pegasus Games.

Colorful, crazy, well illustrated ... and not Munchkin

The fantasy card game claws and traps takes the player on an entertaining adventure around the hunt for three valuable treasures. After a short familiarization with the rules, the rules of the game are understood and the fantasy adventure can begin. Even while the funny designed playing cards are being handed out, the players are kidnapped into a multi-faceted and fun fantasy world. First of all, each player creates his own game realm by picking up cards. The realm that has now been created is immediately bordered by the wilderness in which monsters rule and into which they retreat after a successful raid. Then the game starts exciting. By tactically playing two game actions, the players try to get three treasures into their possession.

It is possible to choose from the actions, appearance roll - bring a playing card into play, exit roll - remove a card that is in play from the game or the reshuffle - exchange your own useless playing card. If you decide on the appearance roll, the player has many options to influence his score positively. For example, you can use doors and traps to stop your opponents in order to gain more time for your own treasure hunt or use an event card to intervene in all players and the entire course of the game or to protect your own treasures from dangerous monsters with location cards. If you select a monster, this loots objects from the realm of the enemy and then hides in the wilderness. With a bit of luck, it can be fought there later in order to (re-) conquer the treasure. In addition to all these play options, it is also possible for the player to play a companion in order to gain a game advantage.

But be careful! The opponents can intervene in the turn by playing surprise cards and thus creating unexpected hurdles. Sounds easy? But it is not. Because in order to be able to execute one of these play options, you have to Claws and traps* must be rolled first. If the die shows a lower number than the minimum number for the appearance or exit roll, the move is immediately considered a failure and the card used is removed from the game. Another difficulty arises from the fact that the number of pips rolled can be influenced by actions in the game. Additional fun is created when the players are assigned roles. The set of rules offers the role of warlock, warlord or villain. These give the individual player surcharges or deductions for the appearance and exit throw from the start of the game.  

The playing cards are colorful and detailed. They appear funny, but not obscene, so that they are suitable for children from the age of ten, but could be misunderstood by younger players. For us, a game lasted about 20 minutes.


Number of players: 2 to 6 players
Age: from 10 years
Playing time: 20 to 30 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Long-term motivation: medium

Publisher: Pegasus Spiele  
Year of publication: 2007 
Authors: C. Aaron Kreader
Language: German
Cost: 10 Euro


For the fantasy card game Krallen und Fallen, game author C. Aaron Kreader and Pegasus Spiel have developed a fun, entertaining and easy-to-understand card game. Even after a short preparation time, it is a great pastime for young and old that does not require many explanations.

The imaginatively designed playing cards are almost self-explanatory and the rules are kept simple. The handy game fits in every handbag and is therefore ideal for traveling. All in all a successful fantasy card game that is reminiscent of Munchkin, but is completely different.