With Eldest Souls a new soul-like game has appeared. In this tough gambler full of challenges, players are pushed to their limits through crisp fights. Eldest Souls, published by indie publisher United Label, is now available for 19,99 euros for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

With Eldest Souls, Fallen Flag Studio has created a relentless game in which only the bravest players can survive the elaborately designed boss fights. The lightning-fast battles are accompanied by a detailed 16-bit pixel-art style. But the players shouldn't admire the world for too long - because this monument of human triumph was long forgotten and something dark has taken root deep inside.

Hard boss fights

Eldest Souls focuses on the toughest and most thrilling fights of all: the boss fights! Each of the old gods presents the player with a new, unique challenge. Those who emerge victorious claim the heavenly powers of the old gods and unlock a wealth of unique talents and abilities. The players can create their own fighting style through a variety of possible combinations.

Eldest Souls offers a compelling mystery of the ancient gods, a vengeful grouping of gods who wreaked untold havoc on the world. Farmlands were turned into deserts and rivers dried up. In search of these merciless creatures, players must guide their warriors through the huge citadel. During their travels, players will encounter fascinating NPCs, captivating quests and a series of ominous secrets that provide clues as to why the ancient gods were locked up for so long.

The core features of the game:
  • Brutal and fast-paced fights in soul-like fashion
  • Unique and challenging boss fights
  • Fascinating NPCs and gripping quests
  • Pixel-precise graphic style with the greatest attention to detail
  • Extensive skill tree with a multitude of combination options for the individual playing style

Eldest Souls is now available for 19,99 euros on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.


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