The board game "Through the Ages - A History of Civilization" is not that old considering it was published in 2006, but it still belongs in the realm of the absolute board game classics. When the game was released in Germany in 2008, the first contingents were quickly sold out. Strategy fans from many countries around the world have been fascinated by this unique game, which today retails for around €80 and up. Congratulations to all owners. So that not only lovers of classical music get their money's worth, "Through the Ages" has been relaunched as a dice game. The latest offshoot of the dice series: Through the Ages - Iron Age.

A journey through time

The dice games of the civilization strategy game "Through the Ages" are often out of print and are very popular among social gamers. Reason enough to dedicate a separate board game news to this great game. Experienced players quickly realize that "Through the Ages" does not enjoy a good reputation just because of its big name. Like the board game, the dice variant also has a sophisticated game idea that immediately captivates even board game beginners. By erecting strategically important buildings such as harbors or monuments, the civilizations embodied by the players gain more and more power over the course of the game and thus more and more wealth and influence. As if these building projects weren't difficult enough to master, barbarian hordes and surprising catastrophe furnaces also play badly on the dice players. 

Through the ages - Iron Age: The classic as a dice game
Through the ages - Iron Age: The classic as a dice game

The tactical-strategic claim in the dice game "Through the Ages - Iron Age" is of course much lower than in the board game version, but the dice version is a great game for the whole family. Long-term fun is guaranteed when the well-made pegboards and beautifully decorated dice are on the gaming table.

If the dice game "Through the Ages - Iron Age" is the latest offshoot, it takes little logical reasoning to come to the conclusion that there must also be predecessors. These deal thematically with other important epochs in the history of civilization: Through the Ages - Bronze Age and the extension Through the Ages - Late Bronze Age also rely on the development of civilization and offer the opportunity to turn the board game evening into an exciting history lesson. Definitely play, it's worth it!

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