Games with limited communication are popular. The Mind, Similo, Codenames or Die Crew come with easy-to-learn rules and offer a fast, exciting gaming experience. With "In All Peace" another title with this mechanism is now appearing at Asmodee in German.

Originally titled in early 2020 Tranquility released, will be early in the fourth quarter Calmly now also appear in German at Asmodee. The quick-to-learn family game comes in a compact cube-shaped box. The rules of the base game only take up a little more than one page in English. The difficulty in this game comes from what is not said.

Take it easy - play is silver, silence is gold

In this cooperative game, the players have to navigate their ship "Calm Sea" across the 6×6 grid (the sea) to get to their dream island. What complicates this task is the limited communication. You can only exchange after playing a Departure card.

When it is your turn, you can choose from two options. When playing a card, the basic rule to keep in mind is that the card values ​​must be placed in the grid in ascending order. If the card is played adjacent to a card already on display, cards must be discarded according to the difference in card values. If you don't want to or can't play a card, two cards must be discarded.

After one of the two actions has been carried out, five cards are drawn from the hand. The game continues in this way until the game ends. The group wins when the objective card is played into the completely filled grid. If a person cannot perform any more actions on their turn before this is possible, the group loses.

The game for 1-5 people aged 8 and up lasts about 20 minutes. Various variants and mini expansions are included. For example, two players can play the game against each other. The release date is given as the beginning of the fourth quarter.

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