Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write is an offshoot of the Imperial Settlers board game, which is distributed in this country by Pegasus Spiele. The dice game variant by Ignacy Trzewiczek and Portal Games is now also available as an app game for Android and iOS. The course of the game sticks to the template, but also contains minor innovations. The price for the mobile game is around four euros.

Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write is a dice game with a moderately complex set of rules and a thoroughly available depth of play. It's about making yourself indispensable as the ruler of an empire by collecting raw materials and increasing the productivity of the craft businesses. All with the aim of increasing his fame. 

Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write available for Android and iOS

Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write based on the idea of ​​Ignazy Trzewiczek has already made it into the app stores. The dice game is already available for Android and iOS - but only in English. 

The basic set of rules is easy to understand: you roll the dice and collect various resources in this way, from food to wood and gold. The raw materials, in turn, can be used to construct buildings, which then grant bonus resources and fill the player's account with victory points. This goes on for ten rounds, then it is clear whether you have actually lived up to your role as ruler of a kingdom.

A teaser reveals what the game is about:


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Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write no longer has much to do with the board game, but there is a rule trick that is based on the original: The game actions are triggered by the use of workers, the number of whom is determined by a special die. In this way the author has come full circle to the worker placement board game. In addition, there are randomly selected tokens that grant bonuses per game, so that there is a certain amount of variance.

Even if the app game for Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write is almost a 1: 1 implementation, there is also an innovation. Players can unlock settlements to gradually unlock factions. The mobile game contains different scenarios that correspond to the physical solo version of the roll-and-write game. Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write for Android and iOS starts with a total of seven adventures, but more are to be implemented in the game. The app is currently aimed at solo players, whose records are registered in an online ranking list. Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write will, however, have a multiplayer mode. 

Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write costs around four euros as a mobile game. For comparison: the physical version of the board game costs around 27 euros.

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