Kosmos-Verlag is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year. In addition to additions to the EXIT series, there are also special editions of well-known games and new products.

The Kosmos publishing house, founded in Stuttgart in 1822, is celebrating its 200th anniversary. What better way than with new games and special editions? In addition to a new EXIT game, you can set up your own publishing company, explore the Northwest of America or appreciate the world.

Cascadia - In the heart of nature

New to the program is the German edition of the accessible family puzzle game Cascadia, which thanks to its variants also challenges experts. On their river hikes through Northwest America, the players cross vast landscapes. 1–4 players, ages 10 and up, keep an eye on all wild animals and add a new wilderness tile to their landscape in their turn.

The different scoring cards indicate how the animals should be arranged. There are also promo cards available exclusively from Kosmos as mini expansions. This includes 5 new scoring cards for grizzly bear, elk, king salmon, red-tailed hawk and red fox, which are added to the base game and increase the number of possible combinations of scoring cards.

EXIT - The Game: Shadows over Middle-earth

In this new addition to the popular EXIT series, players are sent by Gandalf on an important mission to help the fellows of the Lord of the Rings universe. Together they visit the locations from the legendary book classic "The Lord of the Rings" by JRR Tolkien, solve tricky magic puzzles and support the companions against Nazgul, orcs and other sinister characters. An atmospheric escape room game for beginners and "Lord of the Rings" fans.

Machi Koro special edition

For the 200th anniversary of Kosmos there is a special edition of the hit game from Japan. Instead of building the eponymous city, the players here build their own publishing world with cards and dice. As always in Machi Koro, this build-up game involves buying cards from the central card display. Four interesting projects are created card by card.

The latest game novelty is the guessing game Guess the World. In this educational and entertaining geography game, 2-5 players aged 10 and up travel playfully through the world and discover exciting information about geography in this exciting knowledge game. The category cards indicate the topic of the respective round. The players guess and place their country cards on the category cards. The better they guess, the further the pawn is moved on the game board.

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