Dancing really well and burning fat at the same time: That's what the trendy fitness sport "Zumba" promised at the time. Even though dancing continued in many fitness and dance studios around the world, the Zumba movement was rather quiet. That could change from November, when the dance game “Zumba – Burn it up” will be a new offshoot for everyone who wants to celebrate their fitness party at home. 

Zumba here, Zumba there, Zumba everywhere. With the release of the dance game "Zumba - Burn it up" for Nintendo Switch, you can dance anywhere - even in front of the nearest fast food restaurant - instead of just in front of your home TV. The publisher 505 Games brings back a real trend with the new dance game. The title will be released in North America on November 19th and three days later, on November 22nd, also in Europe. The game can already be pre-ordered. 

Sweat with the Switch: the Zumba trend is returning

Sweating and looking pretty good at the same time: With a few learned Zumba moves, sports enthusiasts could impress their friends from November. The dance party is supposed to be "hotter than ever", promises the publisher 505 Games: "Zumba - Burn it up" invites dance enthusiasts of all ages and fitness levels to take part in energetic choreographies to over 30 hip-circling motivating jams, including chart- Hits by Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin, Ciara, Steve Aoki, Daddy Yankee, Play-N-Skillz & Elvis Crespo, Bomba Estéreo and DJ Ricky Luna ft. Nando Boom & Hisatomi, accompanied by a catalog of heart-pounding Zumba originals, that gets the local dance fitness party rolling.


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Three different game modes will be available: "Single Song", "Full Class" and the hot "Fitness Party". The first two modes will support the participation of up to four players - assuming the appropriate hardware, of course. The game was developed by Kuju Games, the studio that was also responsible for Guitar Hero Live. 

The list of features is based on what players can expect from a dance game:

  • More than 30 songs: Dance to today's top hits and vibrant Zumba® original tracks that are guaranteed to get you moving.
  • Choice of dance style: With a selection of fresh, new routines and popular classics, including dance styles from around the world to work out, you can determine the intensity of your own workout.
  • Superstar Trainer: Learn from the best! Real superstar coaches keep you motivated and on track.
  • Stunning live action graphics: Always stay cool in stylish locations and with stunning live-action graphics that react to your own style of play and rewards your efforts
  • Workout on the go: Workout at home or on the go! No more lazy excuses - now you can take your favorite dance fitness classes anytime, anywhere.
  • The dance party can start: Up to four players can join in the fun!
  • Real-time fitness results: You can choose from 30 courses that suit your own fitness, you can set personal goals and share your successes with friends.

The focus of "Zumba - Burn it up" are the players, but above all their Joy-Cons. The innovative control technology aims to track the player's dance moves as they perform the moves of the on-screen dancing professionals. A total of three real Zumba trainers should really heat up fitness fans.  

"Zumba - Burn it up" will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on the European market on November 22nd and can already be pre-ordered for 39.99 euros.

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