Also this week something new has come to the game forge. Parallel to the ongoing Gamefound campaign, the German version of Nightmare Cathedral was launched in the game forge. 

dog park, London Necropolis Railway, Hens and Mortum: The Sanctuary have all already reached their financing goal and continue to steer towards the successful completion of their campaigns. Small City Deluxe is also on the right track. Three quarters of the target is reached 12 days before the end of the funding period. Things are currently running a bit slower for Vengeance: Roll & Fight. After a good third of the term and with eleven days remaining, around 30% of the target has been achieved.

Nightmare Cathedral - Never-ending nightmare

At least that's what the reward tier that includes the game is called. The stated duration of around 60 minutes shows that the game has an end. The cathedral offers space for 1-4 (Alb) dreamers aged 14 and over. Solo mode was developed here by David Turczi and Nick Shaw.
The Gamefound campaign, which is currently running in parallel, had already reached its goal after a good 90 minutes and is currently more than 400% fulfilled. The project started yesterday in the forge and has already been financed to a fifth. Interested parties still have 13 days to forge the project.

The game was inspired by the works of Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński. In addition to the art on the more than 200 cards, for example, the game also contains 165 figures that make the art even more tangible.

At the beginning of your turn you choose an action that is not adjacent to your dreamer. Then you move to the corresponding night field and whoever is already there benefits from the choice of the other player. You can summon followers to gather resources and increase your power. The followers can also be used to control new fortresses or expand existing fortresses. Furthermore, influence can be exerted with one's own followers and thus opposing followers can be drawn to one's own side. One's followers can also be sacrificed in order to progress along the ritual path and thus gain victory points, additional movements or temporary control over nightmares.

The game is roughly divided into two phases. In the first (a bit longer) the eponymous cathedral is built in the middle of the playing field. When this is finished, the nightmares appear in the second phase, channeling the power of the finished cathedral.


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