The standalone title Horizons of Spirit Island, originally announced as exclusive to the US retail chain Target, will be available in Germany much earlier than expected. Greater than Games have now released an announcement that should please many Spirit Island fans.

In XNUMX, when Horizons of Spirit Island announced in July it looked like a long wait for Spirit Island fans outside of the US. The title should be available exclusively from Target in the USA for two years. After some violent reactions from the community, Greater than Games have now been able to reach an agreement with the retail chain that will make the game available in Germany in just a few weeks.

The entry into the world of Spirit Island

The starting position of the game is promising. Similar to paws of the lion for Gloomhaven offers Horizons of Spirit Island a slightly easier entry into the big world of the island spirits. The board game innovation is currently rated with an average of 2,8 out of 5 possible complexity points on BoardGameGeek. For comparison: the "big" Spirit Island is more than 4 points. 

Instead of a two-year wait, fans of the game can now look forward to October and winter. After lengthy discussions with exclusive partner Target, the game will now be available worldwide before the expiration of the exclusive contract. For Germany, this means that the game will already be available at the SPIEL in October at the Greater than Games stand. The game should then go on sale in winter. It is currently not known whether Pegasus Spiele will take over the distribution in the German-speaking area. This does not seem unlikely, however, since the publisher has all previous titles in the Spirit Island universe in its program.

Horizons of Spirit Island brings, among other things, five new ghosts, all of them Spirit Island and all extensions are compatible. The complexity of these new spirits is said to be low, making them ideal for newcomers to the vast world of Spirit Island. Simplified material, mainly included as cardboard tokens, ensures that Horizons of Spirits Island a cheap entry into the wonderful world of Spirit Island at a hunt.

The game is recommended for 1-3 people aged 14 and over and lasts between 90 and 120 minutes.

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