A few weeks ago, Greater than Games announced the third major expansion for Spirit Island. Another announcement in the Spirit Island universe follows immediately. This time it's a standalone title that's also partially compatible with the base game.

The US retail chain Target wanted a lighter standalone version of Spirit Island. Designer R. Eric Reuss and publisher Greater than Games then created Horizons of Spirit Island developed. The basic mechanics of the "big" Spirit Island were adopted for this. There are of course also a few changes to make the game more accessible as requested.

Horizons of Spirit Island - Exclusive novelty in the USA

Instead of the individual island parts, there is a double-sided game board for faster construction. There is no separate game board for fear, fear cards, invader cards, and other "loose" game components. This is all placed on the main game board. In addition, Dahan, wasteland and invaders are no longer made of wood or plastic but of cardboard. All these changes contribute to the game being available for $30. As of now, the game is unfortunately only available exclusively from Target in the US. This exclusive contract only ends after two years.

Horizons of Spirit Island brings five new ghosts, all of them Spirit Island and all extensions are compatible. The complexity of these new spirits is said to be low, making them ideal for newcomers to the vast world of Spirit Island.

As does the crowdfunding campaign too Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate soll Horizons of Spirit Island Be available in the US from October. On winding paths, it should also be able to find its way to Europe in isolated cases. The novelty is recommended for 1-4 people from 13 years of age. The playing time should be between 90 and 120 minutes.

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