The next video game-based board game will be available in a few weeks: Horizon Zero Dawn. Based on the action role-playing game by the Dutch studio Guerilla Games, the Steamforged Games publisher has developed a board game. The title can now be pre-ordered via the Steamforged Games website, the cost is around 100 US dollars or around 84 euros. The board game for Horizon Zero Dawn will be released on October 16.

The action role-playing game Horizon Zero Dawn, released in 2017 for Playstation 4 and Windows PC, is more than an insider tip. What the Dutch development studio Guerilla Games created with its idea of ​​a post-apocalyptic third-person game about the main character Aloy was well received by fans and critics alike.

Post-apocalyptic setting with crazy machines

The success did not go unnoticed: Horizon: Forbidden West is not only a successor to the video game, but also a board game with Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game. Steamforged Games is responsible for the latter, the publisher behind board game adaptations to Dark Souls and Resident Evil 2, and SFG recently implemented one Monster Hunter World board game announced.

In the harsh, post-apocalyptic world, machines rule. It is therefore up to the players, in the role of hunters, to achieve fame. The board game for Horizon Zero Dawn is semi-cooperative and basically geared towards two to four players, but the title can also be played in a solo mode. The idea: players work together to hunt the machines, but also act as competitors - after all, in the end the aim is to become the most successful hunter.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a semi-cooperative miniature board game: Image rights Steamforged Games

Let the hunt begin: Horizon Zero Dawn is a semi-cooperative miniature board game. Image rights Steamforged Games

Horizon Zero Dawn is a miniature board game. Figures known from the video game come into play indirectly through their tribal affiliation: It includes hunters of the Nora, Carja, Banuk and Oseram - each with different conceptual orientations, such as warrior or blacksmith. Also included are various opponent miniatures that also correspond to the models of the video game.

A crowdfunding campaign for Horizon Zero Dawn ran on Kickstarter, and it was actually quite successful. The target amount was exceeded nine times, and almost 10.000 fans took part in the financing round.

The cost of the board game to Horizon Zero Dawn is in Steamforged Games' shop at 99.95 US dollars and thus just under 84 euros. The title is available for pre-order now and is due to be released on October 16.

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