Street basketball, the classic duel: 1-on-1, is now also available as a board game - at least from around December 2021. That's when the title "Hoop Godz" from the Board Game Brothas should be on the shelves of the supporters of the Kickstarter campaign stand or better still: lie on the tables. The crowdfunding funding has already arrived at the set target, with supporters having until November 20th to consider participating in the "crowdfunding round".

The makers from New Orleans promise that a game of Hoop Godz, loosely translated as “basket gods”, should last less than 45 minutes. The board game actually features real-time dice rolling, but the authors have come up with an alternative mode for those who don't like it. The basic concept of the basketball board game relies on fast action, tactics and a bit of luck coupled with choosing the right action at the right time.

Different basketball players ensure variance

Two core elements can be identified in Hoop Godz: the movement of your own player on the street court, including the choice of actions, and the management of the available energy, which is represented by the "juice system". Every action on the field costs the players "juice", which only refills at the end of the round, so that you have to be careful with your energy resources. You have to pay for moving, passing and a boost with Juice. This also applies to the typical basketball actions, such as steal, crossover, dunk or throw.

Which action the players play when, they decide on the basis of action cards. The highlight: The action is not implemented immediately as a game action, but has to be rolled in real time. At the same time, the players let the dice roll, whoever hits the required symbols first can carry out his action. According to Board Game Brothas, if you don't like this kind of hectic rush, you can fall back on an alternative system.

The game material of Hoop Godz: basketball as a theme is recognizable. Image: Board Game Brothas

The game material of Hoop Godz: basketball as a theme is recognizable. Image: Board Game Brothas

In purely thematic terms, Hoop Godz serves a niche: sports board games are now rare, and basketball board games even more so. All the better that the Americans have decided to start crowdfunding, which is actually very successful. The target was set at around 15.500 euros, which has long been exceeded.

Over 640 backers have now invested more than 27.000 euros, and the The Hoop Godz campaign runs until November 20th. You can start with a pledge from 31 euros, but there is the basic game. Anyone who invests 48 euros receives the street basketball board game and the reprint of Rap Godz, a board game that says it all. Deliveries are expected in December 2021.

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