The publisher Pegasus Spiele has good news: It is taking over the exclusive distribution of the "Hidden Games" crime game boxes. The six cases of the crime scene series as well as other puzzle games are now available in the Pegasus Games online shop and in specialist shops.

The Hidden Games journey began in 2015 with the founding of Escape Rooms in Hamburg and Braunschweig. In the last seven years, additional rooms in Hanover and Zurich as well as a mobile Escape Game Truck have been added. Since 2019, the team around the seven founders Felix, Daniel, Rieke, Stephan, Ricardo, Fridolin and Hauke ​​has also been developing puzzle games for at home.

Hidden Games: Six cases - one for children

In the meantime, six crime cases, one case especially for children, two puzzle cards and a puzzle game with 24 episodes - for a long evening of puzzles or as an advent calendar - have been created. Since the beginning of 2022, the crime game boxes have been available exclusively from Pegasus Spiele in specialist shops.

What is special about the crime cases from Hidden Games is not only the expertise of the developers through many years of experience with escape rooms and puzzle games, but also the innovative game system. Like real detectives, one to six players have to examine evidence, analyze interrogations, research online and finally solve the case. The special challenge lies in the fact that at the beginning they only have an envelope with materials. They first have to view this and then decide where they want to pass it on. Unlike other crime games, there is no time limit, which allows extensive research and analysis. With a case, around 90 to 150 minutes of fun await, in which the players have to solve a spectacular break-in or mysterious deaths in the circus, at a rifle festival, at the bathing lake, during a family celebration or a nativity play.

In addition to five crime cases from the age of 14 (The Klein Borstelheim case, The Diadem of the Madonna, Green Poison, A Tightrope Act and Regicide) and an even more dangerous case from the age of 16 (Ice Cold Crime), there is now also a Hidden Games Junior case for children from ten years of age appeared years ago. In The Lost Sword, one to six players work together to solve the theft of an ancient sword in Rome.

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