Under the Avalon Hill label, Hasbro is launching a new miniature war game that is actually a very old one: Heroscape. The hex board game is one of the novelties announced by the toy giant at Gen Con 2022. 

Hasbro has some hot irons in the fire: In addition to new ones content for HeroQuest and Betrayal at House in the Hill there is also something completely new – or at least almost new. Heroscape returns to the tabletop miniature wargame originally produced by Milton Bradley between 2004 and 2008. 

Age of Annihilation

With “Age of Annihilation”, Avalon Hill and Hasbro have announced a novelty for the almost twenty-year-old board game with stackable hex fields. That was a real surprise as we hadn't heard of it before. 

Not much is known: There is a trailer and a subtitle – otherwise not yet. However, Avalon Hill says it intends to release more information in the coming weeks.

The teaser video shows some miniatures standing on the stacking fields that characterize the board game. So it seems clear that little will change in the basic game concept. There are dragons, orcs and goblins and of course some pretty massive weapons. Otherwise, there's plenty of lava and some spark effects, which could at least hint at an Age of Annihilation theme. It's about annihilation. 

Heroscape was not doing well in the mid-2000s after it was acquired by Wizards of the Coast. The title was discontinued in 2010. It was a fantasy wargame with a special look, even by today's standards. The 3D terrain with several game levels is an approach that could prevail - possibly much more successfully than back then. Heroscape has been dead as a game and as a brand for XNUMX years. Hasbro's recent announcement that it wants to revive the game was all the more surprising. So far, it is completely unclear who is implementing the idea. At that time it was Stephen Baker, Rob Daviau, Craig Van Ness - and thus three authors who were able to assert themselves on the market with their games years later. Rob Daviau wrote Pandemic: Legacy; Stephen Baker is behind HeroQuest and Space Crusade;
Craig Van Ness had a hand in Risk: Star Wars.

More information about Heroscape: Age of Annihilation will be available on August 8th. 


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