The restart of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, which appears in German via Asmodee in this country, is accompanied by the publication of several starter decks, each focusing on different characters from the Tolkien universe. There will initially be four ready-made decks for the Living Card Game for The Lord of the Rings. 

Fantasy Flight Games recently announced the release of four starter decks for Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, each targeting different factions: The Dwarves of Durin, the Elves of Lórien, the Defenders of Gondor and the Riders of Rohan are the four first starter decks.

Stronger Decks: Different styles of play

Especially those who missed the start of the card game in 2011 are currently looking forward to the restart of the Living Card Games based on the fantasy epic The Lord of the Rings. Countless extensions have been published over the years, and the new entry was correspondingly more difficult with each subsequent content release. The “Revised Edition”, which will appear in a localized version via Asmodee Germany in the first quarter of the year, virtually sets the LCG experience to zero. This gives beginners in particular the chance to learn the co-op card game from scratch.

In The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, players fall back on the iconic heroes from the novel to master various scenarios. At this point Fantasy Flight Games comes in with the starter decks: these are each geared towards a faction and play differently. With the dwarves, for example, the focus is on hand management, the elves, on the other hand, rely on powerful combos. The two decks to the people from Gondor and Rohan are strategically oriented differently, but both rely on rather risky card tactics.

The starter decks, the name suggests, are aimed primarily at beginners. This should give you a basis to start playing as quickly as possible. However, the starter decks are not independent of the base game: The Lord of the Rings card game box is required to be able to play with the starter decks. Fantasy Flight Games is pursuing the clever basic idea of ​​owning your own deck and being able to play with it without having to buy another basic box directly, provided that this is already available in the traditional group of players.

Incidentally, experienced players are not addressed with the starter decks. As Fantasy Flight Games reports, there are no new cards in the four card collections - at least if you already own all or most of the expansions that have appeared so far. The starter decks are ready-made deck collections geared towards playing strategies, with which you can learn the card game - or, in the case of a veteran, explain it. Fantasy Flight Games also specifies the spring of 2022 as the release period for the four starter decks, i.e. the period in which the new edition of the basic card game is to be published.

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