With the remake of HeroQuest, Habro has so far generated almost two million US dollars through its in-house crowdfunding platform “Hasbro Pulse”. Two versions of the fantasy board game are offered there: a Heroic variant for just under 100 and a Mythic variant for around 150 US dollars. So far it was unclear whether the board game would make it to Germany, now it is clear: the remake of HeroQuest will go on sale in Europe following the “crowd financing” - and because the US shop Zavvi is taking over the sale, the chances are there Also good for fans in Germany to get to the board game. 

HeroQuest, the board game that made fantasy board games socially acceptable at the end of the 1980s, is getting a new edition, which is largely based on the original and has only been revised in detail. Hasbro is responsible for the implementation and has gone through crowdfunding. One million US dollars had been targeted, from this amount the project should be successfully implemented - now it controls Campaign via the “Hasbro Pulse” platform towards the two million mark, which will more than likely be exceeded by November 6, the end date of the funding campaign.

Zavvi distributes HeroQuest in Europe

As has now become known, the UK retailer Zavvi - comparable to EMP - takes over the distribution of the remake of HeroQuest in Europe. This is more than just a rumor, it is now set - not least because Zavvi already lists the board game in his online shop, namely the more expensive Mythic version for 150 US dollars, although it is listed there for 149.99 British pounds; this corresponds to the equivalent of about 165 euros. The activated stretch goals from the crowdfunding campaign are also included.


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Fans in Germany will be happy because the chances of getting the remake for HeroQuest increase with it. Although Zavvi states on its website that the board game will be exclusively available in the United Kingdom, the ways from there to other trading platforms are short. In addition, Zavvi states on the FAQ page for the game that it will send to all UK and European addresses. Whatever the possible restrictions, there are opportunities for fans in Germany to get to the board game without paying high shipping costs or even having to support the Kickstarter campaign indirectly.

From this it can now be read directly that the remake of HeroQuest will not only be available via crowdfunding, but that there are plans to sell the board game via regular retailers. It is not yet clear whether there will be a localized German version of HeroQuest.

European fans then get to HeroQuest after the crowdfunding campaign has been completed. Zavvi himself states that shipping is expected around autumn 2021.

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