HeroQuest returns - officially this time. And probably as an accessory to the project without any license disputes. Avalon Hill has officially launched a website and is counting the days. On September 22nd there will be at least more information about the reboot.

Hasbro has announced that HeroQuest will be rebooted and set up social media accounts and a website at the same time. There is currently not much more to be seen there, a meter reading that shows the remaining days. Up to what? That is also uncertain at the moment. New information could simply be presented or an announcement reported on September 22nd - even a surprise release would theoretically be possible if the board game was already in production. "The quest is calling," it says there anyway.

Hasbro and HeroQuest: License dispute excluded

It was 1989 when HeroQuest was released by MB Spiele, a publisher that was already part of Hasbro at the time. HeroQuest also emerged from a cooperation between MB and Games Workshop. Avalon Hill is now responsible for the reboot of HeroQuest, and thus Hasbro directly. Avalon Hill was once an American provider of strategic board games (including Diplomacy or Civilization), but was disbanded in 1998. The publisher no longer exists in its former form, but Hasbro keeps the company name as a brand.

It is now official that HeroQuest will get a reboot. What will happen on September 22nd is uncertain. Theoretically, publication would even be possible, but this cannot be assumed without a marketing machine rolling in. It is also not known whether the new HeroQuest will be like the old one or whether there will be adjustments. Basically, HeroQuest is a classic dungeon crawler, which in its former form could not keep up with modern genre representatives.

Presumably Hasbro will have to adapt the fantasy board game visually and playfully, even adapt it, in order to reach the target group of such games - and at the same time motivate new board game fans to buy. The nostalgia factor alone would probably not be enough for commercial success. The only thing that is certain is that the HeroQuest reboot will actually be a board game, not a revision of the license into a different concept. This emerges from the sparse information that can be found on the official Twitter account: According to this, HeroQuest will be an adventure board game in a magical world.

+++ Update, September 22nd +++: Hasbro is crowdfunding the new edition of HeroQuest. Detailed information on this here .


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