The toy giant Hasbro has finally let the barbarian out of the bag: the new edition of the classic HeroQuest, previously financed by crowdfunding, appears as a German-language localized version. And: fans don't have to wait that long. 

For a long time it was unclear, inquiries went unanswered - now it is certain: The new edition of the board game HeroQuest will appear in German. Hasbro itself has now published the announcement.

HeroQuest: Adventure RPG with "Minis"

The story behind the relaunch of HeroQuest is long. At first there were only rumors, then one followed Crowdfunding, but via Hasbro's in-house platform Hasbro Pulse. It was extremely successful. It was therefore clear that a revised version of HeroQuest would actually appear. Fans would have this, however via detours Have to bring them into the playroom - until now. The fact that the German version of HeroQuest will be announced shortly before Christmas is strategically smart, but still surprising.

So far it was unclear whether the new edition of HeroQuest would appear as a German version at all. The tabletop board game from the eighties has been a topic in this country for months, after all, the title is considered one of the archetypes of the dungeon crawler genre. It is, according to Hasbro, “a highlight for all fans of fantasy, strategy and role-playing games.

HeroQuest will contain a total of 65 miniatures with which the semi-cooperative board game is played. These are miniature figures on 25 mm bases, and detailed furniture is included for a “realistic” gaming experience. The monster battle that Hasbro will bring to market under the Avalon Hill label has been visually polished anyway.

"In the HeroQuest board game, heroes work together to complete epic challenges, find treasure and defeat the forces of evil," said Hasbro. “In this semi-cooperative board game, one player takes on the role of Zargon, the game master, while four mythical heroes (barbarian, dwarf, elf and wizard) join forces to embark on exciting adventures in a maze full of monsters and eerie dark dungeons

The motivation to play repeatedly is strengthened with HeroQuest: The game contains 14 challenges and since you can “create your own adventures and invent your own stories”, there are no limits to the fun. "Here the friends can be gathered to enjoy an exciting game night in an epic battle of good against evil". The game is aimed at 2 to 5 players, ages 14 and up.

According to Hasbro, HeroQuest is expected to be available in German from mid-February 2022. The board game can even be pre-ordered. The cost is 119,99 euros.

Hasbro also released a trailer for HeroQuest:

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