The countdown is on: The German version of HeroQuest should be available in stores in mid-February – the expansions will then also be available, also in German. Fans have been waiting for months for the release of the new version of the dungeon crawler classic, which Hasbro initially financed through its in-house crowdfunding platform. 

At the end of the XNUMXs, as part of a cooperation between Games Workshop and MB (Milton Bradley), HeroQuest was the classic game by Stephen Baker that many board gamers associate with childhood memories.

HeroQuest: A remake of a classic

Hasbro, for many experienced board gamers, the name of the toy giant means countless licenses for Monopoly, children's games and plastic toys - but at the same time Hasbro also stands for a fantasy board game that helped shape a genre: HeroQuest.

The board game has not been produced since 1993 until Hasbro raised money for a restart of the brand with a crowdfunding campaign in autumn 2020. The project was extremely successful: the toy manufacturer collected around 3,7 million US dollars via its in-house platform “Pulse”. So it was clear that HeroQuest would be available in a revised but essentially untouched new edition. At that time it was unclear whether the fantasy board game would also make its way to Germany. It was even more unclear whether there would be a German-language version. Months later it was clear that both were coming - and by now fans are probably already counting down the days until release. This is planned for mid-February.

The board game is quite controversial due to its outdated concept, the price is comparatively high at almost 120 euros. Nevertheless: The joy of the release of the new edition of HeroQuest is great, after all, the game means a mental journey back to childhood for many board gamers aged around 40 and over. Some probably had their first contact with "more complex" board games with HeroQuest.

Despite all the criticism, the semi-cooperative dungeon adventure still promises to be fun today. A villain of flesh and blood, not AI, who unleashes hordes of monsters on his opponents, this principle is as simple as it is entertaining. And in times of increasingly complex fantasy board games, it can also be understood as a welcome return to the fun factor.

Over 30 years ago, HeroQuest was considered the flagship title of the genre and a template for similar game concepts from the competition. In retrospect, HeroQuest could now be considered the father of games like Descent or Doom, but the conceptual similarities are clearly recognizable. The fact is: there is a lot of nostalgia in the almost unchanged new edition. Obviously that's how it should be.

From February, fans can slip into the roles of barbarian, dwarf, elf and magician and throw whatever they have to throw at the villain Morcar. The board game comes with more than 65 miniatures. The two Hero Quest expansions The Bastion Kellars Keep and The Return of the Witch Lord will also be available in localized versions.

The Witch Lord Pack contains an additional 16 miniatures and a book of challenges with ten adventures. The game is infinitely replayable. And: You can even invent your own adventures and stories. It's similar with "Kellars Keep".

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