A card game will be released for HeroQuest in the first quarter of the year. That comes from a listing of Hasbro on Amazon.com. There, players can register for notification. The HeroQuest card game is aimed at two to four players aged around 14 years and over. There is no detailed information about the game, however, it will probably be a kind of deck building dungeon crawler, in which players slip into the role of heroes in order to box their way through a dungeon to the end boss Zargon.

Hasbro apparently has big plans for HeroQuest. The brand was revived last year through a crowdfunding campaign. Via the in-house Platform "Pulse" had Hasbro funds collected and set a target of one million US dollars, but a new edition of HeroQuest should be realized in the first place. The idea was at least so well received by fans that it ultimately generated around 3,7 million US dollars. With HeroQuest, Hasbro seems to have a draft horse with which the company can attract more attention from frequent gamers.

HeroQuest: Card game as a dungeon crawler

Now a card game for HeroQuest is supposed to make the franchise with the retro flair even more attractive. The premise is simple: two to four players try to escape from a dungeon. The goal is to put an end to end boss Zargon - before the heroes have been inflicted four wounds, of which there are apparently permanent injuries as well as cards, the latter one will apparently be able to get rid of.

Players choose from different heroes. How many there will be is unknown. Presumably, however, the card game is based on the table variant. All that can be seen is that the barbarian will be part of the game. The style of the illustrations corresponds to the HeroQuest board game.

The first pictures suggest some basic mechanisms. Image: Hasbro

The first pictures suggest some basic mechanisms. Image: Hasbro

Players have three actions available during their turn: attack, heal a wound, or search for a treasure. This implies that Loot will play an essential role. As is usual with a dungeon crawler, players will likely be able to equip their heroes with weapons, armor, and useful items. The previously published cards for HeroQuest: The Card Game give a clue. The “Heroic Potion”, for example, lets players manipulate a dice roll. At least the fights are therefore decided on the dice.

The games shouldn't last long, by the way: In the product description, Hasbro states that the HeroQuest card game should offer a shortened dungeon crawler experience and can be played quickly. There is currently no exact release date, the title is expected to appear between February 3rd and March 5th. The price is around $ 20.

Source: Amazon.com

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