Thanks to Archon Studio, fans are heading back to Erathia. A board game based on Heroes of Might and Magic 3 will start its crowdfunding on Kickstarter in November, as the makers announce on a website created especially for the board game. Explanations of the board game's deck building mechanism were recently brought back to the fans' minds. 

“We have loved miniatures ever since we were kids” is that, or at least one of the mottos of Archon Studios. Accordingly, mini-figures are used in board games, such as recently in the tabletop game for He-Man: Masters of the Universe Battleground. Now you dare to try the next license and it has it all - at least from the point of view of video game fans. 

Heroes 3: The part for lovers

With Heroes of Might and Magic you have not only chosen one of the most popular computer strategy games, but with the third part of the series also the most successful and for many fans the best part. So there's plenty of potential - to mess it up or deliver a brilliant performance. There is no in between: either it works or it doesn't. 

The turn-based strategy game series originally created by New World Computing debuted for MS-DOS in the mid-95s. Back then it was a kind of King's Bounty with some adjustments. Softgold was responsible for the German language version of the game. The game made it onto the Win XNUMX PC and even Nintendo's Gameboy Color. French publisher giant Ubisoft now owns the rights - the final installment in the main series was Might & Magic: Heroes VII, which received solid to good reviews. 

Archon Studio is now planning to release Heroes of Might and Magic 3 as a board game. Previously, the studio had also worked on licensed titles and developed two games based on the Masters of the Universe and a board game based on Wolfenstein. 

For the Heroes of Might and Magic 3 board game, the authors obviously stick closely to the template: you can recruit troops, use equipment and magic and move on a game board made up of hexes. Ultimately, as in the video game, it's probably about resource collection, troop management and, last but not least, fighting. Central concepts are exploring the playing map and a deck building mechanism. The gameplay sidekicks are also based on the original: heroes can level up and thus be improved by additional abilities in the course of a game, you choose from artefacts and equipment, hope for magic and keep up the morale of the troops. 

Deck building as a key feature

As Archon Studio describes it, the deck building feature is the mirror image for the video game's character screen. You start with a ready-made deck - each hero uses different cards, depending on the chosen class. The experience level determines, among other things, how many cards the player has in hand or how many particularly powerful cards he can play. Reaching certain hero levels also triggers specialization cards. 

Archon Studio moves similarly close to the original with the game board feature. Everyone has their very own starting city, it is important to collect resources and explore the areas, but also to occupy places such as mines - the latter should bring advantages later in the game. 

Overall, the concept conceived by Archon Studio sounds coherent, at least it fits the playful core points of the original game. An advantage of the board game version: Thanks to miniatures, Heroes of Might and Magic 3 is practically brought to life. The "analogue" title should shine with a great table appearance - if Archon Studio doesn't screw it up. So far, however, the miniatures in the board games have been of good quality. 

It remains exciting for the time being how Archon Studio will implement the combat system. A blog post with explanations will follow. However, one thing is clear: the concept behind the fights could turn out to tip the scales. In the template, the game was after all geared towards a gameplay duet of actions on the playing map and a dedicated battle screen. If the authors succeed in developing as closely as possible to the original, fans can rightly hope for a good board game conversion of Heroes of Might and Magic 3.

According to the publisher, the Kickstarter campaign for the Heroes of Might and Magic 2022 board game will also start in November 3. It is unclear when exactly the launch will take place. There are also no details on the prices for the board game. 


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