The board game Wettlauf nach El Dorado by Ravensburger is getting its first expansion. With heroes and demons, the path through unexplored terrain becomes even more dangerous, challenging - and of course more adventurous. The fact that Ravensburger is releasing an expansion is no surprise given the great success of the base game. The family-friendly deck building board game by Reiner Knizia was nominated for the jury award Game of the Year 2017.

Race to El Dorado: Heroes and Demons

The title Heroes and demons Although it sounds like additional content for a classic fantasy role-playing game, it is actually the first expansion of the successful board game Race to El Dorado (It goes to the test of the race to El Dorado here ), which Ravensburger brought onto the market together with Reiner Knizia and Franz Vohwinkel.

For a price of around 26 euros, players with curses receive a completely new game element that fits into the basic concept of the deck building board game. Demonic sites fit perfectly with the setting of the strategic board game, the story of which is set in the dense jungle landscapes of South America. Anyone who enters such a playing area as a player uses a token to determine whether the curse has taken hold of them or not. The highlight: although the demonic influences can have a negative effect, for example on the cards in hand, it can be worthwhile to enter the cursed regions - so tunnels enable a kind of fast travel or shortcut. In addition, it does not cost any cards to move to the demon site, which is why the move is risky but at least resource-saving.

In order to be able to play the expansion Heroes and Demons, you must Race to El Dorado be prepared with the cave module included with the basic game. The expansion comes with three landscape panels printed on both sides, which provide new adventures and dangers, and also demand new game strategies from the players.

Where there are demons, heroes cannot be far: 10 hero cards expand the range of Race to El Dorado. Heroes can be recruited in a total of three taverns: players can choose one of three drawn heroes and add it to their deck. Tricky decisions and strategic considerations are two of the essential factors that make board games by Reiner Knizia: also for expansion Heroes and demons zu Race to El Dorado will that apply.

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