Big Potato Games says they make games that are easy to learn but impossible to put down. In this small series I present you two games from the publisher: Herdentier and Snakesss.  Here you come to the contribution of Snakesss.

Lots of black on the outside, lots of white on the outside - and suddenly it's colorful on the inside. Herd Animal is a party game with an interaction factor. Basically, it's about getting to know the others in the group better. 

Herdentier is a party game for four to 20 people aged ten and up. A party lasts around 20 minutes. In herd animal you will find out whether you think like the herd or step out of line. 

Herd Animal: Mooh-tastic!

And what about a game of herd animals? Put the tokens and the pink cow in the pasture and give each person an answer sheet. Also designate a person to read the questions. Now the game starts reading the first question. This can be an open-ended question “Name a very cold country” or one with a clear choice of answer “Which is better: Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney Plus?”. Each person then secretly writes down an answer. If someone has to think for a long time, you can "moo" and put pressure on them - that sounds silly at first, but it's really a lot of fun.

Herd Animal is from Big Potato Games. Image: Publisher

Herd Animal is from Big Potato Games. Image: Publisher

When everyone has written down their answer, read it out in turn. If there is an answer that was mentioned most often, all people who answered in this way receive a cow token. If there is no clear majority (e.g. because two answers came the same number of times), no one gets a token. 

Has anyone given an answer that is out of line; not in terms of content, but because no one else has answered in this way, the person receives the pink cow. It looks pretty cool and you can still collect tokens, but you can't win as long as you have the cow. You can only get rid of them if someone else steps out of line with his or her answer. If there are several individual answers, the cow stays where it currently is.

Once a person collects 8 tokens, they win the game. If there is a tie, keep playing until one person is in the lead.  

Party game - fun, interactive

Herd Animal is a fun party game and is great for both new friends and old friends to get to know each other a little better. The fun is clearly in the foreground in this game and you should also answer. So answer spontaneously and as you would answer. If you start answering tactically or strategically (because you think answer x will get a majority) the game quickly loses its appeal. It worked for us without any problems and we didn't let the 8 token win limit stop us, but just kept playing - which is always a very good sign for a game. 

If you play intensively, you will quickly run out of answer blocks. But that's not a problem, because you can just write on a piece of paper or something similar. If you're not cheating (like I said, it's a party game and winning isn't a priority here), you can just think of the answer and say it when it's your turn. 

Herd animal - some of the questions the game is about. Photo: Nissel

Herd animal - some of the questions the game is about. Photo: Nissel

The questions are very varied and were generally good. However, we skipped some questions because they seemed too obvious to us or were too private for some (which part of your body where you have hair is the worst?). In principle, I have no problem with more intimate questions about games, you can skip them at any time. Nevertheless, the question surprised us a bit because it didn't really fit into the pattern of the previous questions. So far, that was the only question that not everyone wanted to answer when playing. To what extent there are more such questions, I cannot say, since I do not know all the questions. Since we played a few rounds, such questions should probably be the exception.


1 pink cow 
Cow pasture (cardboard) including meadow
62 cow tokens (1s and 3s)
200 double-sided question cards
2 answer blocks

With open questions it is more likely that there is no (clear) majority. For questions with, for example, three (roughly the same) answer options, it is more likely that one answer will win. If you play the game with the intention to win, then it can be a bit annoying that it then becomes more difficult to get rid of the cow. In my opinion, however, the focus should clearly be on the fun of the game, and that is also the case here. 

The meadow around the pasture looks funny, but does not fulfill any function beyond that. I probably wouldn't have needed them, but I also realize that the eye plays along and clearly a game that looks nice and is lovingly designed simply works better.

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