Hello Neighbor: The Secret Neighbor Party Game is the result of a collaboration between Arcane Wonders, tinyBuild, Evolution and Genuine Entertainment. The game is implemented as a social deduction concept and is based on the stealth horror video game Hello Neighbor, which first appeared for PC and consoles in 2017 and was continued with Secret Neighbor. The board game offshoot should be available from October 2020.

Ariel Rubin and Juliana Patel are responsible for the Hello Neighbor: The Secret Neighbor Party Game. The two authors previously published several escape games, among other things. Now the two have designed a social deduction game based on a video game license.

Psssst: Sometimes the "gardener" is the neighbor!

The premise of the video game series is ideal for a social deduction game, true to the motto "our neighbor is a murderer", five to ten players take part in a game to either kill one of the children or the murderous and even a "secret neighbor". embody.

The concept is based on the classics of the genre, such as werewolves or The Resistance. In addition, in Hello Neighbor: The Secret Neighbor Party Game, neither a narrator is required, nor are participants removed from the game. The abandonment of the elimination components is one of the current ones Trends in social deduction games - Participants should have the chance to take part until the end of the game.

"Coming soon" means: probably in October. Copyright: Arcane Wonders

"Coming soon" means: probably in October. Copyright: Arcane Wonders

The roles are randomly assigned to the five to ten players. The player's approach and actions are determined by the roles, as are the different game goals. The children's goal is to find all the keys and open the cellar door - the neighbor wants to prevent exactly that. The trick behind it: You don't know at the beginning which player is playing which role. Finding that out first is one of the intermediate goals, especially of course for the "invaders". To make matters worse, there may also be a secret neighbor in the group.

Hello Neighbor: The Secret Neighbor Party Game is an exciting experiment that transfers the idea of ​​the learning AI from the video game debut into a board game, then against clever and cunning acting human opponents "face to face".

The game is published by Arcane Wonders, the publisher behind Onitama or Mage Wars Arena. The publication is planned for October, but some copies should already be available during the online Gen-Con.

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