Hardly any board gamer should be surprised that the new strategy board game Star Wars Rebellion from Fantasy Flight Games will be available in German. Now the Heidelberger Spieleverlag, as a partner of FFG, has published the cover of the localized version.

Civil war in the galaxy

The wonderfully illustrated cover of the game packaging already makes it clear that the content is about the classic Star Wars trilogy. The Empire, led by Emperor Palpatine, rules the galaxy and only a small group of brave rebels can thwart the Sith's plans; of course, only taking into account tactically clever military strategies. Either as an imperial general or freedom commander on the side of the rebel alliance, two players fight in Star Wars Rebellion for supremacy in the galaxy. The tactical elements seem to vary, because where the imperial importer focuses on the skillful deployment of troops, the rebels use guerrilla tactics and sabotage to damage the war colossus of the empire. 

The Star Wars strategy game should work with 2 to 4 players. According to the first pictures, however, Star Wars Rebellion looks like a traditional 2-player game à la Star Wars Armada or Star Wars Imperial Assault. It is possible, however, that the factions are separated into two tactical areas in order to enjoy the fun for four. With a playing time of 180 to 240 minutes, long battles await budding war tacticians in any case. The game board is reminiscent of the PC turn-around strategy game Rebellion, which appeared in 1998 and divided the opinions of the gamblers at the time.

Now the rebellion is daring another excursion, but this time as an analog variant. The entry is not exactly cheap at around 100 euros, but the content of the game box should correspond to the retail price as usual with FFG: So be sure to charge your tractor beam generators.

Of course, power also plays a major role in Star Wars Rebellion, because Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker can be sent on missions to improve their chances of victory. All of the main characters of the classic trilogy will probably also be part of the party. Star Wars Rebellion will be released in the third quarter of 2016. May the force be with you!

New extensions for Armada, LCG and X-Wing

The Heidelberg player publisher also has a new expansion ready for the Living Card Game Star Wars - The Card Game, which goes by the name of Galactic Ambitions and which probably focuses on the Jedi and Sith factions. With brand new cards you can expand your existing decks and possibly develop one or the other completely new tactic. It should not be a coincidence that the carbonite system is also shown on the cover. Icy times are approaching!

Star Wars Armada has hit strategy gamers like a bomb. No wonder that the second wave of expansion has now been announced, which, among other things, focuses on villains, smugglers and criminals. In addition to two additional squadrons of hunters for the two factions, this gives hope for a lot of modified spaceships, illegal goods and weapons as well as exciting skills. In addition, adhere to imperial star destroyer and the rebel counterpart Home one Entry into the game. In addition, fans will soon be using the two more agile frigates MC30c and Imperial Assault Corvette.

Spaceship pilots take care, FFG has brought you something: namely the expansion pack Imperial Veterans for the tactical board game Star Wars X-Wing - miniatures game. This expansion contains four new pilots including upgrades for the already available ship classes Tie Defender and Tie Bomber. The core of the packaging, however, are models of the ships mentioned that are painted in a different color. For Star Wars board players, the new year starts off as an exciting one.

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