The game publisher Heidelbär Games says it has an “important update” for its fans: Eld games can be pre-ordered for SPIEL 2022 in Essen, including Deal with the Devil in the English version. 

The announcement seems almost inconsequential, but it isn't given ongoing supply chain challenges. Now it's clear: Heidelbär Games allows eleven board games to be pre-ordered, which can then be picked up at the game fair in Essen from the booth in Hall 1, C 121. This means that the first innovations can be put on the table promptly after a visit to the trade fair

Heidelbär: Starship Captains to Coatl 

Basically, the pre-order campaign is simple because the process is not different from a regular purchase. The publisher explains: To place a pre-order for collection at the trade fair, simply click on the shopping bag in the shop instead of the shopping cart.

This means that the shopping experience at Heidelbär Games is also directly separated, because items that are not part of the trade fair collection cannot be pre-ordered together. You don't have to pre-order everything anyway, because in addition to the eleven new products, the publisher naturally has other games in its portfolio, which you can buy at the booth at SPIEL'22 in Essen anyway. 

The board game for the video game Assassin's Creed will only be available after the trade fair and will then, according to the publisher, be delivered free of charge. Those who have already pre-ordered the title should have already received an email from Heidelbär Games. 

The eleven pre-order novelties from Heidelbär Games are:

  • Deal with the Devil
  • Tails on Fire
  • This War of Mine - Days of Siege
  • Starship Captains
  • Fish&Cat
  • Galaxy Trucker: Keep Going! extension
  • Coatl The card game
  • Dungeon Fighter: The Crypt of the Morose Ghosts
  • Dungeon Fighter: The volcano of multiple burns
  • Dungeon Fighter: The labyrinth of capricious skies
  • Dungeon Fighter: The Fortress of Slippery Frost

However, there is a small catch – which is actually not a catch, but just a hint – orders must be picked up at the trade fair by 9 p.m. on Sunday, October 14 at the latest. Otherwise, Heidelbär Games will cancel the pre-order. According to the publisher, the costs will then be reimbursed after the fair. This is where the special feature lies: In contrast to regular pre-orders in the shop, the amount is debited immediately with this type of order.

Pre-orderers must identify themselves at the stand with an ID card or issue a power of attorney so that someone else can pick up the board games. 


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