The colorful puzzle game Cóatl is published by HeidelBÄR Games as a card game in German. Unsurprisingly given the title, the snake in the novelty Coatl das Kartenspiel is made up of cards instead of plastic parts.

Coatl can certainly be called one of the most colorful games on the market. Especially in the family games area, this is always a selling point. As far as looks are concerned, the newly announced card game seems to be in no way inferior to its "big brother". Also in Coatl the card game it's about the feathered serpents. From a thematic point of view, no sculptures are built here, but in keeping with the format of the card game, the focus here is on paintings.

Cóatl the card game – Who draws the best Cóatl?

Unfortunately, the rules of novelty are not yet public. The aim of the game is to paint the prettiest coatl in order to get the order to beautify the new temple with paintings. The Cóatl consist of a head and tail card and eight body cards. In the first four rounds, the body cards are played. In the fifth and final round, the head and tail are added.

If it is your turn, you play two cards. Then the active person can claim a pattern on the prophecies. These are contested between the players and can also be stolen. By fulfilling the prophecies multiple times, you get more points and they can be protected so that they can no longer be stolen. At the end, the temple cards are also scored.

The card game has a solo mode. In addition, there is the extension golden feathers, the ones with the “big” Coatl is compatible.
Coatl the card game is suitable for 1-4 people aged 10 and over. The playing time is approximately 25 minutes. The release date for the novelty is the end of September.

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