Reiner Knizias Heckmeck at the Bratwursteck has been awarded the "Generational Game" seal by the "Young and Old Plays" association. According to the jury, the 2005 game unites all generations at one table. Fun is guaranteed in all age groups. Due to the current Corona situation, the club wants to hold the event for the official appreciation of the games online, probably in November.

Since 2018, the association has already awarded seven board games the seal of generations (Patchwork Express, Memoarrr!, Qwixx, Billabong, LAMA, Splendor, Detective Club). The seal is given to games that are "ideally suitable for cross-generational play" and "not only offer gaming fun, but also meet strict quality criteria" - such as legible texts or stable material. The award was decided in cooperation with an advisory committee that currently includes the Nuremberg Games Archive, the Saxon Games Institute, the Institute for Ludology, the Alibaba Games Club and the YouTube channel "Meeple Queen".

Math god Knizia takes care of all age groups

"Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck is characterized by excellent material," was the verdict of the jury. The game pieces in particular are very stable. Despite the smooth surface, these did not slip when stacked. Numbers and worms on the stones could be recognized very well. “The wooden cubes are easy to grip and attractively designed. The structure of the game is quick and uncomplicated.” Apparently the best prerequisites for tackling a cross-generational game with Heckmeck am Bratwursteck. The association "Young and Old Plays" sees further advantages. The game instructions: clear and understandable. The rules: quickly grasped by all ages. Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck meets all quality criteria for the generation game seal.

Far more important than that is the fun of the game - and the title also convinces the connoisseurs in this regard. “Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck unites all generations at one table. It is precisely the luck factor in this dice game that negates different abilities. In addition, a quick and uncomplicated entry into the game succeeds, with a short playing time. Due to the high degree of interaction, e.g. For example, if game pieces are stolen by fellow players, Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck also contributes to exchange and contact. Fun is therefore guaranteed in all age groups.”

The association explains the game: “In Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck, which can be played with 2 to 6 people and is suitable for ages 8 and up, the goal is to get hold of the most worms. These are depicted on stones, which also show the numbers 21 to 36 and are placed in the middle of the table at the beginning. With higher numbers the depicted worms increase. Whoever has his turn may throw the 8 dice and choose a number shown. All dice of this number may be kept. Then the dice can be rolled again. Now you can only take numbers that are not yet in front of you. The chance of a "miss throw" thus increases significantly with each throw. Stopping voluntarily only makes sense if you get dice with worms (they have a value of 5), otherwise this also leads to a failed roll.

When you stop rolling, all dice values ​​are added up and compared with the values ​​of the fried worms on display. The worm with the matching number or the next smaller one may be placed in front of you (others are stacked). But be careful: If another person rolls the value of a worm that is visible in front of you, they can steal the token. Even if you miss a throw, the worm that is on top of the stack must be placed back in the middle of the table. When all stones have been distributed, whoever has the most worms in front of them wins.”

There is no prize without being awarded, this also applies to the generational game seal. This year, however, there is a catch: Due to the current corona situation, the club has decided to allow the event to take place online for the official recognition of the games. The event is planned for mid to late November with the award ceremony, presentation of the publishers, authors and a subsequent plenary discussion. The generational game seal is under the control of Carolina Trautner, Minister of the Bavarian Ministry for Family, Labor and Social Affairs. Information is available on the website of the non-profit association:


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