Pegasus Games has announced something new for connoisseurs: With A Battle Through History - The Sabaton Board Game, the publisher has once again included a title about a metal band. A Battle Through History – The Sabaton Board Game is now available exclusively from Pegasus Games.

A connoisseur-level title awaits players with cross-epoch battles, deck building elements and lots of interaction. A special highlight - especially for fans of the heavy metal band Sabaton - are the miniatures that embody the band members.

Sabaton bassist contributed to development

To Armata Strigoi - The Powerwolf board game and the expansion Armata Strigoi: Ressurrection, A Battle through History – The Sabaton Board Game is the second collaboration between Pegasus Games and the Italian publisher Scribabs Boardgames. This time the focus is on the Swedish heavy metal band Sabaton, whose electric bassist Pär Sundstrom was involved in the development of the game.

Together with Erik Burigo and Marco Valtriani, a connoisseur's game for two to five players aged 14 and over was created. A highlight of the game are the miniatures that embody the five band members of Sabaton. So fans can slip into the role of time-traveling storytellers, so-called Sabaton, as their favorite band member.

On their time travel they experience epic battles in which different epochs clash. For example, Vikings and airplanes can take up combat together. The Sabaton can either face historical challenges - represented by cards on the game board - or challenge fellow players and use all possible troops that they were able to conquer during their travels through the ages.

In addition, they expand their knowledge by collecting valuable relics and thus receiving points that are necessary to win the game. Whoever has collected the most units, heroes and relics after 60 to 120 minutes wins the game. The title costs around 50 euros.


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