Blizzard has announced a new game mode for the free-to-play digital card game Hearthstone. This is to be released as a beta version from November 17th and is already available as an early access version for those who pre-order the new expansion "Der Dunkelmond-Wahnsinn". The duel mode is based on an arena-style deck building PVP mechanism and is carried out in a seasonal system, which comes up with new glorious themes, heroes, talents and treasures each season.

With “Hearthstone Duels”, Blizzard is fulfilling a long-cherished dream of players of the strategic online card game, according to Blizzard's live content designer Patrick Nagle. The players wanted a PVP dungeon run in which they could put together their own deck beforehand, improve it during the course and equip it with powerful playing cards. The new mode should now comply with these wishes.

Hearthstone Duels fulfills the wishes of the community

In the new version of the digital trading card game, Hearthstone players choose a class from a hero pool as usual, but they can now fall back seasonally to exclusive heroes who have brand new talents.

Hearthstone Duels - New PVP arena style game mode. Image: Blizzard

Hearthstone Duels - New PVP arena style game mode. Image: Blizzard

Then skills and a treasure must be selected, which should strengthen the hero in the game and before the actual Hearthstone duel begins, the players assemble an individual deck of cards, which consists of 15 cards from their own collection.

In the course of the duel, the basic deck is expanded with additional cards and powerful treasures. Depending on the players' strategy, these can be selected from won sets of cards. The sets have titles like “Akademie Scholomance”, “ Eine Nacht in Karazhan” or also "The Curse of Naxxramas". However, each added card makes it increasingly difficult to follow a strategy as a larger number of Hearthstone cards have to be considered. A defeat is reached after a player has lost the third game. The end of the game is heralded after 12 successful victories.

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