Blizzard's digital trading card game Hearthstone is getting a new hero class. The Demon Hunter will come into play as the tenth playable class with the new expansion, which is scheduled for release on April 7th.

Blizzard brings the now tenth hero class into the game with the upcoming expansion - and thus fulfills the wish that fans have cherished for a long time. The time has come on April 7th, and from April 2nd players can already complete the missions for the new basic maps. The theme of the expansion: Outland.
The add-on will initially include a total of 45 new demon hunter cards; fans can unlock the basic cards for free through missions. The rest, as usual, will be available through card packs. More Demon Hunter cards will find their way into the game by the end of the year - stretched over the remaining expansions of the Year of the Phoenix.

Hearthstone: Expansion revolves around Outland

The new hero class, including their cards, could throw up the Hearthstone balance again. The demon hunter's hero ability, Demon Claws, grants an attack bonus of 1 to the hero's basic attack for one mana. What sounds like little at first, could become a powerful tool given the low cost. The strategies are likely to be based on an aggressive style of play. Players should even benefit from the death of their creatures - including sacrifices.

By the way: No less a character than Illidan himself will embody the hero class in Hearthstone.

"Outcast" is added as a new card ability. Special effects are triggered when the respective card is played when it is on the left or right edge of the card hand. 

The hero class comes into the game for free for all those fans who complete the prologue missions. These are intended to tell the original story of Illidan, albeit with a typical "Hearthstone twist". All ten basic maps are then free. More cards that match the Demon Hunter class will then be released throughout the year, each with the remaining expansions. 

Incidentally, the priest should also be subjected to a complete rework.

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