HCM Kinzel has presented its innovations for spring 2022. The games will be released from March and are a colorful bouquet of games for puzzle fans and families. Highlights are likely to be the Flip'n'write Next Station London and the family board game Neoville by Phil Walker-Harding.

With its spring program, HCM Kinzel is launching new games for children and the whole family. The program for families is expanded with the board game NEOVILLE. NEXT STATION LONDON is a flip'n write game. The BRAIN GAMES series is growing. And with the Escape Room thrillers, you can already look forward to Series 2. Series 1 had been announced for a long time and only went on sale at the turn of the year due to the corona virus.

Solve criminal cases, build a city and subway or solve puzzles

HCM Kinzel GmbH, founded in 1993, brings numerous games and brands that have won awards abroad to the German-speaking market. About five years ago, the family company from Swabia started its own game publishing company. With the brand name HCM Kinzel, exciting game ideas for young and old have been coming onto the market under the motto "Play - Know - Give". In addition to children's, family and party games, the range also includes educational and creative games. The games impress with sophisticated game concepts and attractive graphics.

NEOVILLE – the city of the future

The NEOVILLE construction project is looking for visionary architects to build a modern city that blends into nature. Whoever acts strategically and in close touch with nature in this tactically appealing placement game, builds the city with the highest quality of life, scores!

City tiles with different terrain fields (earth, grass, rock and water) are strategically placed next to each other in order to realize your own vision of an environmentally conscious city on 4 x 4 tiles. Skyscrapers made of clay or stone are built and bio-projects such as biodomes or wind turbines are placed. Specifications such as the height of the buildings or sustainability determine the number of possible harmony points. There are also bonuses for parks and sports facilities. Who will build the most harmonious city in harmony with nature? The collected harmony points decide in the end.

NEOVILLE by Phil Walker-Harding (Blue Orange) for 2 – 4 people aged 10 and over. Playing time: 45 minutes. Price around 35 euros.

London Underground - the oldest subway in the world

Next Station London is a flip'n write game that redesigns the London Underground as the world's oldest subway. The route below the Thames poses many challenges for the players. For example, as many sights as possible in the 13 districts are to be connected.

You start with a sheet of paper with a map of the city and a pencil of your choice. The color of the colored pencil is also the starting station. In each round, a station card is revealed, which specifies the section of the route to be drawn. At the end of the game everyone has their own route network, consisting of four lines. Points are scored for the subway lines you create, the tourist attractions they stop at, the Thames crossings and the interchanges.

In addition to a solo variant, a version for advanced users with common goals offers further challenges.

Next stop London by Matthew Dunstan for 1 – 4 people aged 8 and over. Playing time 25 minutes. Price around 20 euros.

Escape room thrillers for the whole family

You can look forward to series 2 of TRAPPED from early summer. There are three new locations: Flight 927, Mission to Mars and the zoo with a visit to the meerkats.

The escape room thrillers play like a TV crime thriller - only in your own four walls. Posters and instructions are placed at different places in the escape room at home. The players crack codes together, solve puzzles and have to pass tests.

Three locations: On the flight FLIGHT 927 to the long-awaited vacation, turbulence occurs and the machine loses altitude. She falls. You yourself are strapped into the seat. After you regain consciousness, do you head to the cockpit to send out a distress signal? The Mission to Mars is a reconnaissance flight where things go wrong. The technology fails and the spacecraft has to be placed on Mars manually. In the zoo, there are exciting experiences with the cute meerkats. After briefly leaving the enclosure to get the camera, the eight residents have disappeared. Now the task is to find the meerkats before they are discovered carelessly by the animal keeper in the zoo.

TRAPPED Escape Room
series 2 in the Game Pack: Flight 927, Mission to Mars and Zoo. For 2 – 6 people aged 8 and over. Duration 1 to 2 hours. Price per game around 12 euros.
series 1: The art robbery, The bank robbery, The fair

Logic game The Genius

The series The Genius appears in the Brain Game series for three target groups. Whether square, star or honeycomb - thousands of variations are possible to complete the playing surface with the colored wooden game pieces.

The aim of the fast thinking and logic game The Genius Square is to complete the square game boards with nine colorful, differently shaped wooden game pieces. Before that, seven round blockers, also made of wood, are placed on the coordinates rolled. Once this is done, the jigsaw puzzle begins. It may seem impossible, but for each of the 62.208 combinations there is at least one solution! This exciting brain game is a quick battle for two, but can also be played alone.

The Genius Star offers even trickier tasks. Here, seven triangular wooden blockers are placed on the star-shaped game boards on the number fields rolled, in order to then fill in the star with eleven differently shaped wooden game pieces. Here, too, there is always at least one solution for the possible 165.888 combinations. As an additional element, you can bring the Golden Star into play. With a lot of skill you can achieve a double win! The Genius Star is played with two players, but can also be played alone.

In the junior version, The Genius Junior, a queen bee leads her worker bees in building her new honeycomb. The busy bees need help for this! The locations of the worker bees are first determined with the six dice. The challenge now is to place all eleven colored wooden game pieces without gaps around the bees in order to complete the entire honeycomb. As a one-person game, 46.656 possible combinations offer a great gaming experience for children from the age of three – with no time limit! This thinking game strengthens logic and the ability to concentrate in a playful way.

The Genius Square by Salim Berghiche for 1-2 people aged 6 and over. The Genius Star by Aron Lazarus for 1-2 people aged 8 and over. The Genius Jr by Aron Lazarus for 1 child from 3 years. Price per game around 25 euros.

Puzzle fun with colorful wooden blocks: CUBEEZ

Long announced, now finally released at the turn of the year: An eye here, a smile there. This is CUBEEZ - an entertaining game that promotes perception.

An eye here, a smile there. If you quickly spin your colorful Cubeez cubes and find the right sides, you may be the first to recreate the face of the task cards. You have to keep a cool head in order to make the right grimace with the three colorful wooden cubes. Because all players compete against each other at the same time after the card is revealed. Whoever can reproduce the task with their blocks the fastest wins the card! The haptically beautiful cubes bring a lot of fun to the round - whether among friends or in the family. Appears in the Brain Game series.

CUBEEZ for 1-4 people from 6 years. Playing time 15 minutes. By TREO game designers. Price around 20 euros.

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