One-armed bandits, also called slot machines in English, are the epitome of gambling and even the well-known casinos in Las Vegas cannot be imagined without them. Just like the game of roulette or the card games poker and blackjack, slot machines are a regular feature of a good casino. After inserting a coin or a chip, you can easily challenge your luck. Thanks to the Internet, a visit to Las Vegas is no longer necessary in order to be able to play a one-armed bandit: many providers nowadays simply play slot games in the browser - as is the game fruit farm

Farmers also need a lucky hand

A popular variant of slot gaming on the home computer is the game fruit farm. The name of the online browser game is no coincidence. Reminded by the presentation fruit farm to a farm. Those who like animals will love the candy-colored look of this slot game. Instead of classic winning symbols, you play with fruits and animals, so that cows, sheep, chickens and pigs also adorn the virtual reels. And since pigs are known to bring luck, the setting may be quite appropriate. The browser slot machine has a total of five reels with three rows and ten paylines. Before each start, players can adjust their stakes and the number of paylines in order to determine their stakes and chances of winning by hand. If the reels stop, possible winning combinations are clearly marked and the winning amount is displayed immediately. Now you have the choice to secure the profit or to double it in a linked competition. The farmer's symbol serves as a “wild” and substitutes for the other symbols, which can lead to additional bonuses. A highlight in a game of online slot game fruit farm is the appearance of the red tractor. With three tractors (scatters) on the game screen, the free game round is started, which leads to 15 free games and a possible x3 multiplier. Every farmer would like to have that much pig. By the way: fans of mobile entertainment will be pleased that Fruit Farm is also available as a game app for Android and iOS.

The alternative to the slot machine: online games in the browser

Gambling machines are not only known from casinos, but also from restaurants and arcades. With their flashing lights and loud noises, slot machine games create a very special atmosphere in the gambling temples of our time. Many players are not aware that the so-called one-armed bandits in particular have a long tradition. No wonder, because the rarities from the past have little in common with modern computer-controlled devices. The path from the first gaming machine to today's online browser games in slot machine format such as fruit farm was long but full of technical discoveries.

Have fun with slot games: Play Fruit Farm online

It all started with a slot machine called Black Catinvented by the Caille brothers in 1889. Basically, the gameplay of slot machines has only changed in details over the decades. Even if the latest generation of slot machines and browser games use screens instead of mechanical reels to display game symbols, the rules are based on the basic structure that was developed over 100 years ago. The simulated reels are set in motion at the push of a button or a lever pull to reveal a combination of symbols after stopping - if you have a lucky hand, you hit one of the winning combinations and thus make more or less high profits. True adventurers are rewarded with the “jackpot”.  

Through the Internet, you can easily play various variants of slot games on your home computer. All you need is a PC and a game account on reputable websites, which you can often set up completely free of charge. The visual and acoustic presentation is based on real slot machines, so that the boundaries between slot machine and slot machine are fluid. The advantage of browser games is the almost infinite selection of different slot game variants. Whether with cards, numbers or the classic way with fruits (in Great Britain the one-armed bandit is therefore also called “Fruit Machine”): Every adventurer will find his personal favorite, with which he strives to win the jackpot.