Two new projects started this week in the game forge. So there are currently six projects running. One of the innovations has already achieved its goal. With the exception of this week's other novelty, all projects are in part very well above their respective targets.

Dog Park  has already doubled its original goal and will still be available for 26 days to "co-forge". Merchants of the Dark Road  is also about to reach the 180% mark with currently 200%. With eleven days remaining here, it can be assumed that this milestone can also be reached. The Spielworxx title London Necropolis Railway is still in the forge for 18 days and he has already clearly exceeded his goal with 140%.

White Hat - Prove yourself as a hacker

A "white hat" is an ethical computer hacker, or a computer security professional. To prove yourself as a hacker, join the gamers White Hat against each other and secure the right to move in cyberspace. It's an overhauled version of the game Black Hat and a trick-taking game with a special twist: if you win a trick, you move your piece forward on the board. The spaces on which the figures move can offer actions and all have a value that is added up at the end of each round. In the end, the white hat with the lowest score wins.

Changing location tiles and a double-sided game board promise varied fun. The game is recommended for 1-6 hackers aged 9+. The playing time is about 30 minutes. The low funding target has already been tripled and those interested still have the opportunity to support the project for 10 days.

Small City Deluxe – Small town, big

The version currently being promoted in the forge is the new edition of the game that was first produced in a small edition in 2015 small city. Anyone who has always wanted to be mayor has the chance to do so here. The aim is to secure the most votes and get the best out of your own city. In the winter expansion, which is made up of the expansions from the last seven years and has been divided into eight modules, you still have to get the pollution under control, among other things.

The artwork and the entire graphic design have been completely revised compared to the first edition. The goal when developing the game was to create a SimCity-like city building game. In order to build the most efficient city there are green residential area tiles, blue business district tiles and yellow industrial tiles. You can collect the necessary votes in the course of the game by relocating new citizens to the residential areas, constructing cultural buildings, opening business districts in suitable areas and by fulfilling the promises made to the population of your own city at the beginning.

The game from Giant Roc is recommended for 1-4 players aged 14 and over and lasts 30-120 minutes. Those who are undecided can test the game for free on Tabletopia and still have 26 days to promote the project.

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