Star Wars fans can finance a lightsaber through Hasbro's Haslab crowdfunding platform: The Black Series Reva Force FX Elite. It is the Third Sister's first integrated The Black Series Force FX Elite double-bladed lightsaber.

Hasbro Pulse has great things in store for STAR WARS fans: The Black Series comes up with a HasLab project that is second to none! In the latest crowdfunding project, members have the exclusive opportunity to finance and purchase an absolute novelty: The Black Series Force FX Elite's first integrated double-bladed lightsaber from the third sister - the
Inquisitor Reva, who made his live-action debut in the new series STAR WARS Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Bright red blade

The fans remember Reva's first appearance: black uniform, a bright red blade and a ruthless facial expression - calculating and ambitious. Nothing will stop her from bringing down the Jedi. Behind it is the antagonist Darth Vader, who instructs the inquisitors to destroy all children of power.

To this end, he has made available to them the Empire's latest technologies, including the double-bladed lightsaber. Even the most capable members of the Jedi Order fear it.

The film-accurate premium model of the Force FX Elite lightsaber puts the crown on every STAR WARS role-playing game and enables the re-enactment of key moments and thrilling battle scenes from "STAR WARS Obi-Wan Kenobi“. The lightsaber can be wielded with either one or two blades and is perfect for skillful feints and ambushes. This role-playing item features popular traits like gradual activation, anti-blaster effect, battle effects, and more. With the technology for coordinated attacks activated via the handle, LED animations and effect sequences are offered over the entire length of the 2-meter lightsaber with blades attached on both sides.

Crowdfunding project runs until July 12, 2022 STAR WARS fans should not miss this unique opportunity:
This crowdfunding project will run until July 12, 5:59 am (German time). During the promotion period, fans can support and finance the project with their pre-order (for EUR 549,99 including VAT and free shipping). That crowdfunding product goes into production if the minimum target of 5.000 backers is reached on time. If it is successfully financed, delivery will begin in winter 2023


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