Hasbro is now also offering all sorts of exclusivities to fans in Germany via the “Pulse” platform. The toy giant recently started the project: gamers and game fans can use it to access product releases, fan-oriented events,
Pre-orders, behind-the-scenes insights and future HasLab projects. The latter in particular should be of interest to fans should Hasbro intensify its activities in the crowdfunding sector.

Hasbro Pulse? The platform should be known to fans in this country at least since the crowdfunding of HeroQuest - they could not support the project directly, but had to localized adaptation of the dungeon crawler classic waiting for a commercial version. Ultimately, Hasbro implemented it, to the delight of the players. In the next round of crowdfunding, German players could probably also participate directly in Hasbro's projects, because the "HasLab" campaigns are part of the "Hasbro Pulse" fan platform, which the toy giant has now switched online: eu.hasbropulse.com.

Hasbro crowdfunding now also in Germany  

The entertainment provider Hasbro is targeting fans and collectors with its successful online platform – the website has now officially been extended to consumers based in Germany. So far, she only stood out to fans in the US, Canada and
UK available. Hasbro Pulse offers its users exclusive access to Hasbro product offers, news
and experiences, iconic Hasbro brands such as GI JOE, Power Rangers, Transformers and Avalon Hill, as well as leading partner brands Marvel, Star Wars, Fortnite and Ghostbusters.

Hasbro Pulse also offers German fans special access to Hasbro's collector-oriented brands. The launch in other European markets is to follow later in the year. The joy about the expansion of the market and brand presence in Europe is correspondingly great: "We are very pleased to offer Hasbro Pulse to our highly committed fans in Germany," says Kwamina Crankson, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Hasbro Pulse. “The enthusiasm for Hasbro's brands and passion for immersive experiences spans the globe, and we can't wait to bring our offerings to fans in Germany. In addition, we are working diligently to expand Hasbro Pulse to additional European markets and look forward to future announcements.”

Like Hasbro Pulse in the US, Canada and UK, Hasbro Pulse Germany informs its community about exciting new products and gives them the opportunity to order them before anyone else. In addition, they receive, among other things, exclusive insights behind the scenes and can look forward to exciting fan-oriented events.

Another highlight is the link to the HasLab crowdfunding platform. German fans have now launched on the newly launched
Hasbo Pulse Germany website the opportunity to support and purchase HasLab items. HasLab is geared towards realizing desired products for the fans. With the help of the fans who support the project, particularly coveted products are to be made available in
different price ranges and sizes. Fans in Germany can also join Hasbro Pulse Premium - the ultimate status upgrade that grants members exclusive benefits including free shipping, early access to new product releases and more.


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