Harvest Moon: One World is coming to Nintendo Switch. Not at some point, but according to Nintendo in 2020. Natsume and Rising Star Games are releasing a new offshoot from the popular series of games and relying on a revised look thanks to the new graphics engine. 

Natsume and Rising Star Games announced the launch of the farming simulation. Accordingly, the sim game will appear this year and could go to those "unannounced games for Nintendo Switch”That President Shuntaro Furukawa spoke of. In any case, Harvest Moon: One World puts the popular series there and this time players travel the wide world.

Natsume is a more global developer and publisher of family-friendly video games. Rising Star Games a long-term partner - the publisher has worked with Natsume for almost two decades. Nintendo of Europe will ensure distribution in Europe.

Harvest Moon: One World begins with an old book

A world full of familiar faces awaits the players in the new series offshoot Harvest Moon: One World, but the young farmers will also meet new characters. There are also unique villages and loads of adventure. As always, it is important to manage your own farm so that it grows and thrives. In Harvest Moon: One World that could be more beautiful than ever before: Thanks to a new engine, rural life is presented in a completely new visual guise.

The start of the game is mysterious this time: no tomatoes, no lettuce, only an old book gives clues as to what it used to be like. Driven by this mysterious discovery, players embark on an adventure that takes them from their home village out into the wide world. From the Halo-Halos beaches to the snow-capped mountains of Salmiakki, there are countless places to discover and visit.

Different than on the 3DS: Not everything starts with cabbage and beets. Image: Nintendo

Unlike on the 3DS: The adventure doesn't start with cabbage and beets. Image: Nintendo

Harvest Moon: One World is designed to allow players to experience the world of Harvest Moon in a new way, said Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume. The new part of the series should be aimed at both fans and newcomers to the series.

Harvest Moon has gone through a development over the decades, but has always remained true to the playful line. It's still about "the traditional, family-friendly farm fun that the series is known for," says Maekawa.

Harvest Moon is the series that started the farming simulation genre
Brjann Sigurgeirsson from Thunderful Publishing and Rising Star Games

One of the biggest innovations is the graphics engine of Harvest Moon: One World, from which the entire gaming experience should benefit. Natsume, Rising Star Games and Nintendo want to publish more news about Harvest Moon: One World - now after the announcement of the game - in the coming months. According to Nintendo, the release of Harvest Moon: One World is planned for autumn 2020. Harvest Moon: One World will be released across Europe.

This means that players will soon not only be able to use their own island in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons colonize on the Nintendo Switch, but take care of a farm again.

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