Good Shepherd Entertainment and the Ice Code Games development team today released Hard West 2 for PC via Steam and for €24.99. There is also a ten percent launch discount until August 11th.

The sequel to the hit turn-tactical tactics Hard West, which has captivated over half a million players, throws at you even more living, undead, and otherwise supernatural challenges that require brain power and a good dose of lead.

Turn tactics gameplay in the Wild West

When world-class con artist Gin Carter ambushes a legendary "ghost train" in search of gold, he discovers it is being haunted by the devil himself! Now Gin must lead a band of wondrous outlaws to save his soul in a land ruled by darkness.

Key Features:

  • A supernatural gang: The responsibility for your band of gunslingers, witches, and unnatural beings rests on your shoulders. Equip them with weapons, useful amulets and very useful explosives, improve their skills and strengthen them with magic playing cards, or give them a can of beans and a bottle of whiskey - which is not to be scoffed at either. Combine characters' abilities to control the battlefield and make the right decisions to increase your squad's loyalty and use them to solve side quests.
  • Conquer a gloomy world: Explore the Snowy Wastes, discover unruly settlements and face off against living and undead enemies. Fight in dynamic levels and indulge in the magical Wild West fantasy in mounted combat and train robberies.
  • Use your Bravado: In Hard West 2, cover can save lives, but it can also be useful to charge into the fray with weapons drawn. Each kill restores action points - well-used Bravado makes you an unstoppable lead slinger.
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Undead: Wild West legends and the occult collide in this character-driven story, expertly voiced by voice actors Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series), Darien Sills-Evans (Days Gone), and Adam Gifford (The Colony). Story co-written by Origins Award winner and New York Times bestseller Matt Forbeck (Deadlands) and scored by BAFTA Award winner Jason Graves (Dead Space)

Hard West 2 expands the usual good round tactics gameplay with extremely aggressive elements. Depending on how your gang is made up, there are different ways to go on the offensive - and the risk of offensive moves can be very rewarding. Each kill activates the Bravado and completely refills the character's action points. A well-thought-out lineup of Bravados will plow through enemy units like an unstoppable steam engine.

With careful placement, experienced players can thin enemy lines before they even have a chance to counterattack. Seemingly small decisions can have explosive consequences, and creative solutions and strategic thinking are always rewarded.


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