The two Happyshops brands Corax Games and Grimspire were able to win prizes or nominations in different categories with several board games at this year's Dice Tower Awards of the US influencer channel of the same name.

The Dice Tower Network is one of the most important media channels for parlor games internationally. For more than 15 years, reports and articles on the topic in English have been published several times a day in English and have been seen all over the world.

Awards with relevance in the board game scene

The Dice Tower honored two games from the Corax Games range with a jury of over 100 game experts: The Perfect Moment received the Dice Tower Award for “Most innovative Game of the Year 2021” and was also nominated in the “Most Welcome Game of the Year 2021”.

But Mind MGMT, which is currently crowdfunding in the game forge, has also received three nominations:
For "Best Game of the Year", "Best Game from a small Publisher" and "Most Innovative Game of the Year".

Corax Games is a game publisher from Merseburg in Central Germany, specializing in interactive board games for adults. A special focus in game selection and development is on innovative game mechanics and special themes. The games are both developed in-house and licensed by partner publishers from all over the world for the German-speaking market.

Radlands Award: "Best Two-Player Game"

Radlands also won one of the Dice Tower Awards. Radlands is an end-time apocalyptic card game designed specifically for two players by Grimspire and has now won Best Two-Player Game of the Year at the annual Dice Tower Awards.

The game by Daniel Piechnick was initially published in English by Roxley Games and brought to market by Grimspire as part of a crowdfunding campaign on in May 2022. It will appear in Germany in autumn/winter in three versions: the basic version with paper playing cards, the limited deluxe version with special, very resistant plastic cards, and the super deluxe box, which corresponds to the deluxe version but with a larger box and neoprene playing mats inside becomes..

Grimspire is a German game publisher from Merseburg in Central Germany and specializes in the localization of board games from foreign-language partner publishers for the German-speaking market. The special focus of the publisher is on games that are themed in the dark fantasy and sci-fi area, such as Radlands. Grimspire games can only be purchased from stationary game retailers or directly from the publisher via their own online channels.

The Dice Tower Awards and The Perfect Moment's Dice Tower Seal of Excellence are among the most influential gaming awards in the world.

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