In just under a week, monsters will rise from the crypt and ghosts will haunt the streets again this year. Halloween is not only very popular with children and young people in this country, but also tempts countless adults every year to beautify their faces with make-up and liters of fake blood. Even controversial trends like the roaming horror clowns are directly related to the US Halloween night. Because you don't want to be alone on such evenings, it makes sense to organize a Halloween board game evening with friends. Also in 2016 we will introduce you to some of the best horror board games for Halloween.  

Zombicide from Asmodee

If there is one thing in the world that, besides pumpkins, should definitely not be missing on Halloween, then it is zombies - and preferably lots of them. This is what the creative minds Raphaël Guiton and Jean-Baptiste Lullien must have thought when they started the horror board game zombicide (to the review) have developed. In this country, the survival horror game is distributed by Asmodee and is considered the ultimate among zombie games. Quite rightly so, if you look at the attention to detail of this title. The majority of the more than 70 miniatures are made up of the four different types of zombies that make life difficult for 1 to 6 players.

Very brave zombie hunters can play the adult board game zombicide so also play completely alone. If you are equipped with the right equipment to go on a zombie hunt on the night of October 31st to November XNUMXst, you can try your luck as a soloist - it will be really entertaining zombicide* but in a larger game round. A major strength of the game is also a weakness in large groups of players that should not be underestimated: If a character dies, he is actually dead in terms of the gameplay and is out of the game for the rest of the scenario.

For the deceased, this results in waiting time. At the same time, however, this pressure means that the players try very hard not to die. zombicide can be a real challenge. If you play in pairs or even alone, you control more survivors in order to be able to maintain the tactical component of the horror board game. Each character has their own individual skills to react to the zombie hordes. The four zombie types also act differently on the game board.

While Walkers are weak but plentiful, Runners get a bonus to movement to steal candy from players' pockets. Living up to their name, the Fatties are resistant to XNUMX-damage weapons. Tactics are key to successfully completing a scenario, and it is precisely this cooperative element that makes Zombicide one of the best horror board games out there. Thanks to the great workmanship and the humorous Easter eggs scattered around the game board, this strategic survival board game is one of the top recommendations for a spooky Halloween board game night. The excellent German translation quickly introduces newcomers to the action, so that Zombicide is also interesting for casual gamers who want to organize a spooky horror festival on Halloween. If the game packaging already reaches the dimensions of a Star Wars - Rebellion, then tabletop lovers should sit up and take notice. 

Ancient Dark Things of Tierra del Fuego Games

The Dice Game Old dark things by Tierra del Fuego plays neither zombies nor ghosts, but the setting is still creepy. Anyone who doesn't want to spend the entire evening playing board games on Halloween is well served with the fast adventure game. In search of valuable treasures, players roam through dense jungle areas full of dark secrets. The processing of the game material is grandiose and the harmonious illustrations on the gaming table create a real mystery atmosphere.

The game system of Old dark things* is fast and relies on a functioning "push-your-luck-mechanism" at its core, which is reminiscent of the dice classic Kniffel. The downtime for the players is pleasantly short. Nevertheless, a game with four players lasts around 70 to 90 minutes. In the course of the game, the players become involved in mysterious events that touch on HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos thematically, but are classified as rather independent overall. Successfully exiting an encounter scores points and the respective card. Items also grant permanent bonuses that add even more depth to the game.

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Dark, Darker, Darkest - Queen Games

The cover of the game packaging already indicates the direction of the cooperative survival horror board game Dark Darker Darkest by Queen Games. This game fits perfectly on every gaming table for Halloween. As is often the case, players are humanity's last hope and set out to confront hordes of undead, rabid animals and, last but not least, a deadly security system. Instead of fighting the marauding hordes across the country, or at least in a zombie-infested city, the players end up in the eerie rooms of Doctor Mortimer's mansion. The goal: to find an antidote that can save humanity from extinction. With a well-armed squad of 1 to 5 players, things should be a breeze - if it weren't for the Horror House security system that's an added obstacle in players' way.

As if the undead weren't enough as opponents, the house's camera system in particular provides many a shocking moment. Find safe rooms and slowly approach the high-security laboratory where the antidote is kept. In each round, an event occurs that makes it difficult for the player squad to progress. For example, new enemies appear, the darkness marker moves one field further or the fire spreads further in the rooms. There are more than enough reasons for failure, so judicious action is the key to saving humanity. The Horror Board Game Dark Darker Darkest is atmospherically dense and creates a great Halloween mood. Due to the constant dynamic, the gaming experience remains exciting and challenging even after many games. Thanks to the modular playing field, Doctor Mortimer's estate also looks different in each game.

This makes Queen Games' Survival Game one of the most motivating horror board games currently available on the market. While comparable titles bet on different but fixed scenarios, begins Dark Darker Darkest* different in each game. Sometimes the differences are only marginal, but in other game rounds this board game starts with a real challenge. If you have to start the round of the undead and conflagrations, you should think twice about the first step. The horror board game is aimed at the reasons mentioned Dark Darker Darkest primarily to frequent players, but at least to players who have a solid level of experience in handling complex board games. This is made clear not least by minor difficulties, such as the sometimes confusing symbolism, which requires an extensive study of the rulebook.

The older sign - Heidelberger Spieleverlag

A list of the best horror board games for Halloween would be unthinkable without the appearance of at least one series from Heidelberger Spieleverlag: Arkham Horror. The center of the horror adventure from the universe invented by HP Lovecraft is the museum of the city of Arkham. Mysterious things are happening there that require further investigation. The fact that the investigative team consists of 1 to 8 human board players should not come as a surprise at this point. In other board games from the Arkham Horror series, courageous frequent players have already stood in the way of the great old ones. Thanks to a variable gameplay and somewhat reduced complexity, even less experienced board players can enjoy this horror board game, which creates an atmosphere that is appropriate for a Halloween horror festival.

An Ancient One attempts to invade the earthly world through a dimensional gate within the museum. The first harbingers of the catastrophe can already be felt: monsters appear, artifacts come to life and horror spreads among the museum visitors. Investigators must act quickly to put a stop to the Ancient One. The players choose their favorite characters from a total of 16 characters, which fortunately differ significantly from each other. Although each player acts on his own initiative, a successfully completed scenario requires consultation and a good deal of teamwork. As players make their way through the halls of the museum, players will encounter terrifying creatures, upgrade their gear, and gain allies for their cause.

When solving the puzzles, a lucky hand with the dice is just as important as when dealing with fights - always on the lookout for the so-called "Elder game pieces". Tactical elements come into play by modifying dice rolls. With each action, the hand of the clock ticks incessantly to herald the advance of the Ancient One at midnight each day. The final fight is inevitable, but it gets a little easier with every success in the game. The usual great game material and the somewhat simpler game rules The older sign* not only an ideal horror board game for Halloween, but also the perfect introduction to HP Lovecraft's Arkham mythos.   

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