The novel with volume number 2019 will be published in February 3000. This makes the science fiction series, which started in 1961, one of the most successful entertainment products from Germany. A new novel is published every week, plus a large number of books, radio plays, comics and other publications. For the anniversary there is a completely new »era« in the distant future ...

Volume number 3000 on February 15th

When the first Perry Rhodan novel was published in September 1961, no one believed it would be successful: it was assumed that around 30 novels with the adventures of the space hero would be for sale. But the first issue, entitled "Stardust Company," in which the American astronaut Perry Rhodan lands on the moon and meets aliens there, sold incredibly well. The success continued, all subsequent editions were almost torn from the hands of the sellers.

"This makes the series, written by a team of authors, the largest novel cosmos in the world for a long time."

Katrin Weil, Perry Rhodan Marketing

Almost 60 years have now passed, and the Perry-Rhodan series is still successful. The weekly novels form the basis for the fantastic history of mankind into the distant future. The stories have long since ceased to appear as booklet novels, but also in parallel in the form of e-books and audio books. There are also paperbacks and hardbacks, radio plays, audio books and comics. In addition, there are foreign editions in Japan and Brazil, France and the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and - as e-books - in the English-speaking area.

The numerical success is astonishing. In addition to the 3000 series novels, there are several hundred volumes in the so-called sub-series that take place in the same universe. That adds up to well over 4000 novels.

"Perry Rhodan stands up for the interests of people, encounters bizarre extraterrestrials and strange robots, ancient beings from distant galaxies and secrets from the past."

Klaus N. Frick, editor-in-chief of the series

With the three thousandth volume, which goes on sale under the title »Mythos Earth« on February 15, 2019, the series really starts again.

“With this novel, we show the readers of the series a new picture of the well-known Milky Way. Anyone who hasn't been interested in Perry Rhodan up to now can now immerse themselves in a fascinating world of science fiction."

Klaus N. Frick, editor-in-chief of the series

The novel was written by Wim Vandemaan and Christian Montillon, the two authors who have directed the series for several years. They tell of Perry Rhodan, who comes back home after a long journey and hardly recognizes the Milky Way.

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