Borderlands 3 turns two today. The developers are giving the fans some goodies for their birthday. There are also time-limited mini-events. The game was released on September 13, 2019. For the release of the new power consoles, versions for Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 2020 followed in November 5.

To take the celebrations for Borderlands 3's second anniversary to the extreme, we've got a few party blasts in the form of limited-time mini-events and new goodies that you can grab using SHiFT codes.

Legendary free items!

For the next 48 hours, until September 15th at 17:59 CEST, 'Loot Monster Mayhem' is back, with increased spawn rates for enemy loot variants. When you're not blowing up enemies and collecting loot for the next two days, find Maurice's Black Market Vending Machine hidden somewhere in the wilderness to snag some legendary free items courtesy of everyone's favorite saurian to be able to


Cosmetic items are being released that you can keep in your inventory permanently! Including the shared psycho lollipop player skin with bright rainbow ice cream cake colors and more.

Borderlands 24 has been entertaining shooter fans almost non-stop for 3 months. In the meantime four expansions have appeared, the last one being Psycho-War and the fantastic fustercluck including new level upper limit. The loot shooter received the highest ratings, won the Gamescom Award 2019 for best multiplayer game and was also nominated for the multiplayer mode at the Game Awards and the British Academy Video Games Awards.

The game comes from Gearbox Software and thus from the original Borderlands developers. The series, which has since grown into a trilogy, premiered in 2009.


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