Anyone planning a Halloween party sometimes faces a problem: Which games are on the table? And what should you play when children join in? But the night of myths, shudders and shudders doesn't have to be boring. Even without a “trick or treat” on the neighborhood doors or getting scared together with friends, a spooky Halloween can easily be transported into your own four walls with a spooky evening of games. To make your Halloween night a spooky treat, we have compiled a list of ten spooky board games for kids.

Halloween night is mostly spent at children's parties, looking for sweets or with friends and acquaintances. Haunted events, amusement parks and movie theaters are visited. Different this year. But if you think Halloween has to be canceled, let me tell you: The scariest festival of the year can be celebrated in your own four walls, even under the circumstances of a pandemic, with a themed game evening with scary board games.

Depending on the other players, a pure children's game, a beginner-friendly family game or even a tricky Halloween board game should be selected. But what all board games should unite is a ghostly basic theme, which shouldn't be too scary for sensitive children, but should still be full of witches, monsters and ghosts. So, grab some board games from our Halloween list, candles, dim the lights, decorate your home, dress up and don't forget the Halloween candies. All the board games that you can play with children on Halloween are not about pure horror, but about thematically appropriate titles for the horror festival: What should not be missing are tons of weird creatures and monsters.

Zombie Kidz Evolution - First legacy game for children

In the scary game "Zombie Kidz Evolution" by Asmodee, for two to four players, ages seven and up, the brave players defend their school together from scary zombies. They use weapons that are only used to scare away intruders and are therefore suitable for children. Water pistols and all kinds of other toys from the children's room are used here for defense. The students move through their school, drive away zombies and secure the school yard with locks. But thanks to the caretaker's escape and the repeatedly appearing zombies, that's not that easy.

A rarity in the children's board game area: a title with "real" zombies. Image: Asmodee

A rarity in the children's board game sector: a title with "real" zombies. Image: Asmodee

The more the players achieve together in the creepy children's game, the more new missions and skills they will receive. These are hidden in 13 envelopes and remain secret until they are opened. They are rewarded with trophy stickers, which also show the progress of the successes.

Spooky fun at Flatterstein Castle

Flatterstein Castle by Three Magi. Image: Publisher

Flatterstein Castle by Three Magi. Image: Publisher

Burg Flatterstein is a simple and attractively designed children's game by Drei Magier Spiele, for two to six players, ages six and up, in which little adventurers climb a gruesome castle and run a race to the top of the castle.

To reach their destination, they use a catapult to flick little bats in the direction of the castle wall.

This requires a bit of luck as well as skill. In addition, there are a few more dangers on the way to the goal, and whoever climbs to the top of the castle first has not only won the race, but also the game. The idea and the concept of the game are also well received by critics. This is how Flatterstein Castle ended up on the “Spiel des Jahres 2016” recommendation list, published by the Spiel des Jahres association.

A visit to Spookie's haunted mansion

Haba can also be scary. Image: Haba

Haba can also be scary. Image: Haba

In Spookies by Haba, for two to five players, ages 8+, four friends and their dog try to explore a haunted mansion.

But they don't really dare to go inside. Step by step and floor by floor, they advance cautiously and collect spookies. Which serve as victory points at the end of the game.

Well, it's not that easy after all. Depending on how successfully the player rolls the dice, it may be that he has to move back and thus lose spookies or that he makes too high-spirited decisions and receives no or very few of them. The winner is the player with the highest total Spookie score.

When monsters play socks

Gambling socks by Haba is a family game for two to six players, ages 4+. A monster meeple is placed in the middle of the table, surrounded by many different sock cards. Now all monster tamers try to find pairs of socks at the same time and whoever has grabbed five pairs first, reaches for the sock monster and receives a clothespin.

Smelly socks are no good as a monster defense measure. Image: Haba

Smelly socks are no good as a monster defense measure. Image: Haba

The first player to win three brackets has defeated the sock monster and with it the game. If you want to make socks a little more exciting as a Halloween game, you can use real socks with a scary motif instead of playing cards. That brings horror joy even to the smallest players.

Halloween fun with the goofy swatter

The slimy swatter is a real classic and the children's toys. Image: Ravensburger

Monster Starker Glibberklatsch by Ravensburger is a creepy family game for two to four players, ages 5+. The publisher relies on a real classic among children's toys: the goofy clap hands. There is hardly an adult who does not know the sticky plastic whips from his childhood. So it's no wonder that it is precisely this toy that has made the leap into the monster board game.

The rules of the game are learned in a flash. The game therefore also offers a lot of fun for young children. The googly hands contained in the game, which serve as monster claps, are a particularly popular highlight. In the course of the game, speed is required, because whoever catches the monster he is looking for with his goo slap first, can move step by step towards victory.

Witches kitchen with spider poison and toad slime

Perfect for Halloween: spiders and toads. Image: Cosmos

Perfect for Halloween: spiders and toads. Image: Cosmos

Spider poison and toad slime: what goes into the cauldron? The game for little witches and wizards from Kosmos is suitable for two to four players, ages 6+, and offers fun for the whole family.

The aim of the game with a scary theme is to collect as many monsters as possible. This is done by moving the players over a game board with symbols. If you are on a symbol field, you have to roll a certain number of dice.

The cube is printed with monsters, which have to be searched for using the memory mechanism. If this tricky memory task is solved, the player receives a magic ingredient (game chip), which he has to throw into a cauldron. After a certain number of ingredients, the player releases a monster that serves as a victory point for the player at the end.

Johnny Skeletti, ghosts and a gun

Ghost hunt with laser gun. Image: Megableu

Ghost hunt with laser gun. Image: Megableu

Ghost Hunt by Megableu is a scary game for the home Halloween family party. Here, Johnny-Skeletti, a creepy skeleton figure, is placed on a table or the floor and the skeleton begins to giggle eerily and to project ghosts onto the walls of the darkened room, which have to be shot with a toy gun.

Ghost hunt is not a classic children's board game, but an action-packed game of skill in which - depending on the design of the game - movement is not neglected either. The digital display of the pistol shows the little ghost hunters how often the ghosts were hit. A Halloween children's game for little solo players and also as a horror duel.

Monster hunger for pizza

Pizza Monsters by Abacusspiele is a game for children from the age of five and can be played with up to eight people at the same time. Families in particular who are looking for a Halloween game without the frightening horror factor will find a suitable horror game in Pizza Monsters. In this children's game you have to feed a hungry monster pizza.

Everyone likes pizza - including monsters. Image: Abacus games

Everyone likes pizza - including monsters. Image: Abacus games

To do this, the players pull an order out of a bag with the monster's pizza topping requests and each player feeds the monster a pizza slice with the appropriate ingredient. If you have the right ingredient ready, you will receive a chef's hat for feeding. The first player to own 4 chef's hats wins the game.

Storytelling and guessing game for brave monster hunters

Stimulates the imagination. Image: Three hares

Stimulates the imagination. Image: Three hares

Monster Gang is a game for two to eight monster hunters, ages seven and up, by Drei Hasen in der Abendonne. In this Halloween game for children, one player describes to the other players a monster they are looking for, which they draw face down from a pile of monsters. He is not allowed to name certain, randomly selected terms.

Then, within a short time window, the other players look for the monster from the playing cards on the table. Depending on the number of players, teams compete against each other. This family game was also well received by critics: It only ended up on the “Game of the Year” recommendation list in 2019.

Scary dungeon crawler for kids

Karak by Albi is a dungeon crawler for families and players ages seven and up. In this exciting children's game with a creepy theme, players follow in the footsteps of brave heroes who explore the crumbling Karak castle and try to obtain as many treasures as possible in order to emerge as the glorious winner at the end of the game.

In principle, pure rounds with adults also have fun with the game, provided they appreciate a shallow gameplay. The set of rules is clear and uncomplicated. Bringing this “dungeon crawler light” to the table together with children is probably one of the best ideas for the spooky game round on Halloween.

Karak is a real dungeon crawler, but in a child-friendly version. Image: Albi

Karak is a real dungeon crawler, but in a child-friendly version. Image: Albi

To do this, they use special abilities, lay out dungeon cards and venture further and further into a castle maze full of monsters. They are already waiting in the rooms of the castle to scare the brave heroes, but this danger is averted with skillful dice rolls.

No matter which game you choose, we wish you and your family a playful Halloween party!

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