Private Division and Supergiant Games are collaborating to release a Physical Edition of Hades on PlayStation and Xbox
The Rogue-like, which has won several “Game of the Year” awards, will be released on August 13 as a boxed edition with additional goodies for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Xbox One. Hades is now available for pre-order from participating retailers.

Private Division and Supergiant Games are collaborating to release a boxed edition of Hades for PlayStation 13, PlayStation 2021, Xbox Series X and Xbox One on August 5, 4. Hades is an action-packed dungeon crawler in rogue-like guise in which players must fight their way through the dangerous underworld of Greek mythology in order to escape from the house of Hades. Hades has won over 50 "Game of the Year" awards and received a fabulous 93 on Metacritic * and 94 on OpenCritic. The game will soon appear for the first time on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

Godlike rogue-like as a physical box

“We are big fans of Supergiant and their titles. They are exactly the kind of talented, passionate indie developer that we particularly enjoy working with at Private Division, ”said Michael Worosz, Executive Vice President and Head of Private Division. “We are therefore extremely pleased that we can help bring Hades to retail outlets as a boxed edition in addition to the digital versions for consoles. Hades is already very popular with players and the press. So it's time for PlayStation and Xbox players to enjoy a great boxed edition of this incredible game too. "

The Hades boxed edition will be particularly popular with collectors. It not only contains additional goodies, but also a download code for the Hades Original Soundtrack. The soundtrack features two and a half hours of great music from award-winning composer Darren Korb and singer Ashley Barrett. The edition also includes a character booklet with artwork of the colorful characters from Hades - of course from the (digital) pen of BAFTA award winner and art director Jen Zee from Supergiant Games. The first prints of the cover artwork of the box edition for PlayStation and Xbox are refined with a cool metal foil and are particularly eye-catching.


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“We were just blown away by the reactions to Hades. We can't wait to be able to hand the game into the hands of Xbox and PlayStation players around the world, ”says Amir Rao, Studio Director at Supergiant Games. "We are pleased that Private Division is helping us with this box edition to present Hades to an even larger audience of players."

Thanks to the technical requirements, Hades on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S is an absolute feast for the eyes on 4K and runs in 60 FPS. The versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can be played with a resolution of 1080p and also in 60 FPS. In addition, thanks to the PlayStation 5 DualSense ™ wireless controller, Hades has improved controller vibration and lighting. All PlayStation 4 versions of Hades, both boxed and digital, get a free upgrade to the digital PlayStation 5 version. The Xbox version of Hades uses Smart Delivery, which allows access to both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S versions.


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