The GTW 270 Hybrid wireless in-ear headphones from premium audio company EPOS are equipped with all the important features that gamers want: wireless technology with low latency, closed acoustics, multifunctional use and an ergonomic shape for more comfort. In addition to using the microphone via Bluetooth, the GTW 270 Hybrid can now also be used via the USB-C dongle, which is in high demand, making it even more versatile.

"At EPOS, we strive to perfect audio hardware and software to provide users with the best gaming experience," said Maja Sand-Grimnitz, Director of Brand Management & Global Gaming Marketing at EPOS. "That's why we reworked the already great GTW 270 Hybrid so that gamers can now also use the microphone via the dongle, which was not possible before. The in-ear headphones become the ultimate companion for gaming on the PC, on the couch and on the go.”

GTW 270 Hybrid works with Nintendo Switch

Thanks to the interchangeable, rubberized tips in different sizes and the unique ergonomic shape, the ear stud adapts to the natural shape of the ears, ensuring a comfortable fit while isolating external noise. Thanks to a database of over 100.000 ear scans provided by EPOS parent company Demant, EPOS engineers were able to compare numerous designs with statistical data using AI technologies. On this basis, a design was developed that reduces the pressure on inflexible parts of the ear to a negligible level, while providing an excellent acoustic seal and state-of-the-art in-ear acoustics.

In contrast to other wireless in-ear headphones, the low-latency GTW 270 Hybrid ensure clear audio quality with closed acoustics and a game sound that lets gamers fully immerse themselves. The unique ergonomic shape of each earbud combined with the miniature, proprietary EPOS audio drivers delivers deep and powerful bass, natural mids and crisp highs for unmatched sound quality designed specifically for gaming. A multi-function button on the left earphone offers simple and intuitive control with multipoint technology, allowing the user to easily switch between game sound and calls, and control other functions such as play, pause, next track and phone controls.

The GTW 270 Hybrid also offers standard Bluetooth 5.1 and USB-C dongle connectivity for two-channel transmission for speakers and microphone. The two built-in microphones in the in-ear headphones ensure clear communication and reduce background noise for a comprehensive multiplayer gaming experience.

To get the most out of and personalize the GTW 270 Hybrid wireless in-ear headphones, users can download the free EPOS Gaming Suite software to customize their audio settings and get the latest firmware and software updates for the product.

Designed for use on consoles and smartphones, the in-ear headphones' USB-C wireless dongle is compatible with PC, PS5 and PS4, as well as any Bluetooth 5.1 compatible device including Nintendo Switch. In addition to the wireless USB-C dongle and carrying case, a charging case, interchangeable silicone tips and a 1,5m USB-C to USB-A extension cable for PC and Sony PlayStation consoles are included. the GTW 270 Hybrid are IPX 5 certified and therefore protected from sweat and light rain.

The revised GTW 270 Hybrid in-ear headphones are now available from the official EPOS website and from selected retailers. RRP: 149 euros.

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