There is no release date for GTA 6, but Rockstar Games has now officially confirmed that the successor will come out at all. That was not official until now, despite countless rumours. 

The champagne cork must have popped for some GTA fans after the official tweet from Rockstar Games: The developers have finally commented on a successor to GTA 5 – exactly as some fans had predicted and many others had hoped: GTA 6 will come. The game is in “active development”.

GTA 6 should definitely be better than GTA 5

There have already been countless rumors that Grand Theft Auto 6 would definitely be released or that it was already in development - Rockstar Games had not confirmed it for a long time. Until now. In a Twitter post, the developers shared good news about one of the most popular video game franchises ever:

The aim of the project is to go beyond the goal that had previously been set. In other words: GTA 6 should surpass the grandiose Grand Theft Auto 5 in terms of quality. The plans are quite ambitious. In any case, the successor is in “active development”, as Rockstar finally officially confirms.

The developers do not reveal details about GTA 6, and the tweets do not even contain vague information. At first it remains as a mere confirmation. After all, this is valuable for fans of the series, because despite all the rumors, it was previously unclear whether the successor would actually appear.

Due to the thin information situation, there are currently rumors about GTA 6 if you want to get a possible picture of the game: It should play in a modern way of Vice City and this time the main characters should also include a woman, that works statements from industry insider Tom Henderson. According to Jason Schreier, GTA 6 should be a medium-sized game at launch, which will then be gradually expanded to include post-launch content. All these bits of information are just rumors and should therefore be treated with caution - after all, the statements about a woman as one of the main characters should be very likely given the problems in the games industry, maybe even more is possible in terms of diversity. Rockstar Games would have no problem doing that.

However, the developers owed the fans one piece of information: it is still completely unknown when the release of GTA 6 is planned.

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