From the team behind Cascadia (Game of the Year 2022) comes a new challenging tile-laying game: In lush green, you have to create cozy rooms with lush greenery. The house is only built with good and careful care
care to a green oasis.

On each turn, the players can choose a combination of card and tile and build their house room by room. They try to let the plants grow, for example by paying attention to suitable lighting conditions.

Item tiles can be used by the plant fans to give the plants the right care. But you can also use your green fingers and carry out other actions for care and maintenance. The greenest thumb wins: Sattgrün is a placement game for the whole family, which is also challenging for connoisseurs. In addition to 60 different, beautifully designed plant cards, a solo game variant is also included.

The new board game from Kosmos costs around 37 euros and is aimed at one to five players aged around ten and over. A game lasts about 50 minutes.

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