The battery indicator flashes threateningly, the next storage option is several minutes away: You know this situation, especially when you play with the Nintendo Switch on the go. The stamina of Nintendo's hybrid console is not particularly great without a power plug. This can be remedied by powerful power banks, ideally with a capacity of 10.000 mAh and more. Practical: Universally applicable external batteries can also be used for the laptop or smartphone, maybe even the coffee machine, if the appropriate connections are available.

The Polish manufacturer Green Cell has launched a new version of its power bank: the GC PowerPlay 20 supplies all those devices with enough juice so that gamers not only reach the next level in emergency mode, but can continue to gamble calmly for several hours. The new power bank is based on the previous model “GC PowerPlay 10”, but now has twice the battery capacity. The number already reveals it: the performance of the external battery grows from 10.000 to 20.000 mAh.

Performance, design - but above all ultra-charging

Green Cell has assigned its experts from the “Research and Development” department to the project. The result is a power bank that can be used on the Nintendo Switch, but also on other electronic devices. Thanks to three connections - two USB-C PD and one USB-A GC are available - not only different but also different devices can be supplied with energy at the same time if the juice suddenly runs out.

The GC PowerPlay 20 is therefore suitable for charging ultrabooks, smartphones, tablets or even the Nintendo Switch. By doubling the power capacity, for example, the iPhone X can be fully charged around six times, extending the usage time by around three days. The “bank” is not only suitable for gamers, but also.

Practical: Several devices can be charged at the same time on the GC PowerPlay 20 - here the Nintendo Switch and a smartphone. Photo: André Volkmann

Practical: Several devices can be charged at the same time on the GC PowerPlay 20 - here the Nintendo Switch and a smartphone. Photo: André Volkmann

This is hardly relevant at home, the power plug is always within reach - if you are on the road often or for longer, you will probably appreciate a powerful power bank. Advantageous for travelers: The GC PowerPlay 20 meets all air transport requirements, so that the power bank can also be used on the plane. Incidentally, various common charging standards are supported, such as Quick Charge 3.0, Samsung AFC, Huawei FCP, Apple 2.4A, Mediatek Pump Express 1.1 / 2.0 and USB DCP.

The weight - the 20.000 version weighs around 340 grams - is high compared to less powerful power banks with the revised “GC PowerPlay” To hold hands. But that's not all: The green USB-A port allows devices to be charged particularly quickly using patented Ultra Charge technology, according to the manufacturer up to 40 times faster than conventional power banks - and the external battery actually works reliably and quickly your work. The possibility of using the power bank and charging it at the same time has proven to be quite practical. This saves one or the other additional power cord in your luggage.

One press of the "GC" logo on the power bank is enough for the energy to flow - here into the Nintendo Switch. Photo: André Volkmann

Pressing the “GC” logo on the power bank is enough for the energy to flow - here into the Nintendo Switch. Photo: André Volkmann

It goes without saying that a power bank can be paired with the Nintendo Switch. The GC PowerPlay 20 does just that and performs well in the process. In addition, there is the simple handling. You don't have to do much to supply your console, smartphone or laptop with energy: plug in the plug and push a button on the GC logo on the power bank and the juice flows. For mobile switch users, Green Cell's revised version of the Powerbank is a good compromise between handiness and power supply at a fair price.

As a specialist in Li-ion technologies, this includes Green Cell's portfolio various other products, such as chargers, corresponding cables, voltage converters and notebook batteries. The new power bank GC PowerPlay 20 has been available since June 24th.

Nintendo Switch: combine power bank and energy saving

Gambling on the bus, train or plane is one of the great additional benefits of Nintendo's innovative console. The switch still needs electricity, because at some point each battery will run out of juice. As a “mobile gamer”, having a power bank in your luggage is already helpful, but it is even better to combine energy-saving options and the use of a power bank. With the Nintendo Switch in particular, there are several tips that can have a positive effect on the battery life when on the move.

You should activate the airplane mode while on the move, then connect the Joy-Cons again. Photo: André Volkmann

You should activate the airplane mode while on the move, then connect the Joy-Cons again. Photo: André Volkmann

Clever gamers save energy even before the power bank has to be used, then fill up the empty battery and continue their adventure, taking into account the fun measures. In any case, users can do a lot for their extended gaming fun.

Activate airplane mode

With the Nintendo Switch, it is simple but effective to deactivate any wireless connection that is not required. This is called “airplane mode”. By pressing the home button on the Joy-Con, you can go directly to the quick settings. The airplane mode can then be selected and activated there. The result: the wireless connections are interrupted. This saves energy and protects the battery, which extends the runtime. This is particularly useful when no connections are necessary anyway, for example with pure offline games.

However, there is one restriction: Even the Joy-Cons cannot be used in decoupled mode in airplane mode, for example in table mode of the switch. You have to dock the controller to the switch in order to be able to use it without restriction in airplane mode.

Reduce the brightness of the screen

It is extremely effective to reduce the screen brightness if you want to save energy on the Nintendo Switch while on the move. Users are probably already familiar with this from their smartphones: the darker the screen, the longer the battery runs. Pressing the home button on the Joy-Con again leads to the corresponding option. The value can be adjusted with a slider under display brightness.

However, simply darkening does not work in every situation. A screen that is set too dark can “block” the view of the gaming content, especially in bright surroundings and in direct sunlight. The screen brightness can therefore only be adjusted according to the circumstances. However, if it is possible to regulate the brightness of the display down, you should use this - the positive effects on the battery life are enormous.

Choose real "on the go" games

How long the Nintendo Switch lasts in undocked mode is also a question of game selection. The more resource-intensive, i.e. the more hardware-hungry a title is, the faster the gamer will run out of juice in handheld mode.

A Zelda: Breath of the Wild therefore consumes more energy than a fun indie title. Thanks to the power bank, the playing time can of course also be extended with Zelda, Mario Kart and Co, but as an emergency measure it is still helpful to have at least one more frugal game in stock.

“Pause” for the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is always “ready to use”, but it also requires energy, i.e. battery power. If you take a break, ideally turn off the console: To do this, hold the power button for a few seconds. Stand-by mode is also a good alternative because the Nintendo Switch also requires less energy when it is idle. This mode can also be reached by pressing the power button longer.

Of course, all of these tips also work - or even more so - if you started your journey without a power bank for Nintendo Switch. However, you will have more fun on the go if you have an appropriate “external battery” with you that delays battery warnings - and at best extends the fun by hours.

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