Spirit Island is one of the most popular board games. For five years now, players can choose from a variety of spirits and defend the island and the land of the Dahan against the invaders. Crowdfunding for the next expansion will start in autumn.

To branch and paw and Craggy Earth Greater than Games are now announcing the third expansion for Spirit Island on. This will start crowdfunding on Backerkit on October 8th.

Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate

"There are things hitherto unknown that slumber deep beneath the island and now rise to confront the invaders."

Not much is really known about the latest expansion for the Spirit Island.
There will be new ghosts, new threats, new abilities, and more new content. The threats are likely to come from new nations and/or scenarios. Further information is not yet known.

Crowdfunding starts on October 8th exclusively on Backerkit. Who wants to be informed about news Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate, can himself here register for it.

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