The Schwerkraft publishing house announces a whole series of innovations for 2022. Together with a few latecomers from 2021, you can look forward to more than 20 titles. There is something for everyone here. Whether solo, cooperative or competitive, every game mode is represented. In some innovations even all at once. There will also be something interesting for everyone thematically.

A total of 17 new basic games are to be published by Schwerkraft Verlag in 2022. Pretty much everything you could wish for is covered. There is something for Lord of the Rings fans, for science enthusiasts, fans of Valeria and much more for other tastes.

Diversity in the Schwerkraft publishing house

Bitoku was one of the games that experienced real hype at SPIEL 2021. Now the visual treat comes in a German version. Here the players in the role of forest spirits try to succeed the great spirit of the forest. The possibilities are as colorful as the artwork. If the rulebook of the English first edition has been improved, you have an excellent overall package for expert and connoisseur players. It is suitable for 1-4 people aged 14 and over. The playing time is about 120 minutes.

The War of the Ring should please all fans of The Lord of the Rings. The game that ranks 10th among all games on BoardGameGeek will finally be available in German again. Here one person takes charge of the Free Peoples and the other person takes charge of the Shadow armies and they fight for the fate of Middle-earth. The game for 2-4 people aged 14 and over lasts about 3 hours.

Thematically similar Caesar!, this for fans of Tiny World War should be suitable. Here one person takes on the role of Caesar and the other person plays Pompeii. In a duel they fight for supremacy in the Roman Empire. This game is also recommended for ages 14 and up. It can be played alone or in pairs in around 20 minutes.

The builders of Teotihuacan is a standalone tile placement game set in the world of Teotihuacan. Compared to the other game, which it is really only connected to by the setting, is The builders of Teotihuacan less complex. Also recommended for ages 14 and up, the game takes about 60 minutes to play. 1-4 people can play.

Three Sisters, Hot Cauldrons and Dungeon

The Three Swstern is a roll-and-write game by the authors of Fleet: The Dice Game. The name is based on an agricultural technique in which three crops (here squash, corn and beans) are planted side by side to support each other. When it comes to the age recommendation, we don't experience any surprises here either. Also Three sisters is recommended for ages 14 and up. It can be played with 1-4 people in 30-60 minutes.

Hot cauldron is the German edition of Whirling Witchcraft. Again recommended for ages 14+, the game will be released under the Leichtkraft label. Here the players as witches brew their magic potions until one of them causes an opponent's cauldron to overflow and wins. For 2-5 people the playing time is between 30 and 60 minutes.

The sixth game on the list is also recommended for ages 14 and up. In dungeon As prisoners in Kulbak, players try to gain reputation in the dungeon in order to be chosen by King Taron. If they succeed, they can fight for their freedom. dungeon is a game in the roll player universe. The playing time here is about 90 minutes. It can be played with 1-5 people.

Mechanical Colossus, Ecosystem: Coral Reef, Traveler of the South Tigris, and Sub Terra II

The Mechanical colossus is a tile placement game that can be played both cooperatively and competitively. There is also a solo mode. The players climb into a robot. There they place tiles and look for the switch. If they can save everyone inside, the game is won. The game takes 1-4 minutes to play with 20-40 people. It is recommended for ages 10 and up.

The Ecosystem: coral reef it is a standalone successor to ecosystem, which was published last year. Like its predecessor, this is a drafting game with cards. Here the players build their own coral reef in a 4×5 grid. The game can be played with 1-6 people. The playing time is between 15 and 20 minutes and it can be played from the age of 10 upwards.

Travelers of the South Tigris forms the prelude to the yellow southern trilogy by Shem Phillips. Here the players discover waterways and map the land and the stars. The game dates back to the heyday of the Abbasid caliphate around the year 820. 1-4 people need between 60 and 90 minutes to play the game. The recommended age is 12 years.

Sub Terra II forms the successor Subterra. In this cooperative adventure game for 1-6 players, players must find three keys to access the artifact in the temple. The task becomes difficult as the temple is flooded with lava. In addition, the mysterious guardians of the temple and deadly traps lurk. It can be played from the age of 10 in 45 to 75 minutes.

Three times Valeria, Full Steam, Cellulose and Circadian - Chaos Order

There are three novelties from the world of Valeria. Siege of Valeria is a solo game. Here the solo player must defend his fortress on the southern border of Valeria against the siege of the hordes of monsters. It is recommended for ages 14 and up and lasts between 30 and 45 minutes.
Only in the number of people and the mechanism differs Throne of Valeria. This is a trick-taking game for 2-6 people.
Another number of people allowed Dice realms of Valeria. Here 1-4 people take on the role of counts of a small duchy south of the Bol Mountains. War is not yet present here, but the task in this roll-and-write is to prepare the best stronghold for a possible retreat.

Full steam is the title of the German edition of Whistle Mountain. Here the players manage companies that mine resources with their airships deep in the Rocky Mountains. The game can be played with 2-4 people aged 14 and over. This takes about 90 minutes.

cellulose is the new science game by Schwerkraft-Verlag. This worker placement game takes place in a plant cell. It is the successor to cytosis. There is a competition for limited resources. With these resources, the cells can carry out photosynthesis, produce carbohydrates or build the cell wall. cellulose is recommended for 1-5 people aged 14 and over and lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

The list of innovations concludes Circadian - Chaos Order. This is a high-conflict area control game with highly asymmetric factions. Each of these factions has its own victory conditions. The game has a playing time of 2-4 hours and can be played with 2-5 people. It is recommended for ages 14 and up.

Schwerkraft-Verlag plans to have all the games mentioned available by SPIEL in Essen. In addition, further titles are being planned, the release of which in 2022 is not certain or about which nothing can be said for other reasons. There will also be news about new expansions soon.

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